A Series Of False Works Were “Touched”

Preparing for the 4th session of the 15th city People’s Council, 2016-2021 term to be held in early July, City Council of Town People’s Council.

Hanoi has examined and surveyed a number of works in violation of construction order, “ultra-thin super-distortion” in the area.

Accordingly, the delegation went to survey works in violation of construction order, specifically: factory buildings illegally built on agricultural land of Mr. Phan Anh Hung (Tien Hung village, Nguyen Khe commune, Dong Anh district ); Illegal construction works encroach the corridor flood safety flood Hong River – Red River Sun Restaurant (Bo De Ward, Long Bien District by the Song Hong Sunshine JSC as the investor); Investigation of the “ultra-thin ultra-distorted” at Tran Khat Chan – Dong Ma …

At the inspection, Vice Chairman of Dong Anh District People’s Committee Nguyen Xuan Linh said that for illegally built workshops on agricultural land of Mr. Phan Anh Hung, the district’s opinion is to resolutely handle the violations on Land, building order to create discipline. So, immediately after the detection of violations, the district has directed the CPC of the Khanh Nguyen Commune and the district building order inspection team, set up records handling the violation.

On May 23, Mr. Phan Anh Hung has filed a petition to remove the infringing works. Currently, Mr. Hung is dismantling one of the 3 violation works committed and committed to 30/06/2017 will be done.

The whole area of ​​agricultural land of Mr Phan Anh Hung

The whole area of ​​agricultural land of Mr Phan Anh Hung is nearly 5,000m2

At the survey, the People’s Committee of Dong Anh suggested that the area mentioned above was managed by the People’s Committee of Soc Son, but within the administrative boundaries of Dong Anh district, it was difficult to coordinate the treatment. . Therefore, after handling the violation, Soc Son district People’s Committee should be strengthened to cooperate with Dong Anh District People’s Committee in the management of land and construction order to prevent reclamation and violation.

In the event that Mr. Phan Anh Hung committed a repeat offense, using the incorrect purpose of the land approved in the proposal, the Soc Son District People’s Committee proposed to revoke the approved scheme of restructuring the crop. Browse.

Then, the inspection team went to investigate the construction work illegally encroaching corridor flood safety flood Red River – Sunshine Restaurant Red River. According to the status quo at the survey, the Ecotourism Zone has stopped operating – the offending works still exist.

Investigation of the “ultra-thin, hyper-distortion” project at Tran Khat Chan – O Dong Mac district, Hai Ba Trung district People’s Committee said that on the belt road 1 (Eastmark – Nguyen Khoai) 53 cases after liberation The remaining land area is not eligible for construction site. Up to now, 50 cases have been managed under the guidance of the Department of Planning and Architecture of Hanoi; 3 remaining cases are now 2-storey house, District People’s Committee continues to direct the units to implement the site clearance.

At Thanh Nhan street, there are 20 cases after clearance of the remaining land area without adequate construction site conditions, of which 17 cases are managed in accordance with the guidelines of the Hanoi Architecture Planning Department; The remaining 3 cases of the district People’s Committee have lowered the height of two floors, height about 5.0m. District People’s Committee proposed interdisciplinary unity for temporary survival. Thus, to date, on Tran Khat Chan – O Dong Mac, two cases are being continued by the District People’s Committee to direct the implementation of the site clearance.

At the meeting, the survey team has recorded the status of violation works and said, after this survey, the delegation will report to the City Council in the coming meeting.

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