A Series Of High-end Apartment Project In Bien Hoa

Recently, a series of real estate investors have poured hundreds of billions of dong into Bien Hoa real estate, especially Bien Hoa apartment projects. This action has awakened the “billion dollar mine” worth billions of dollars in Bien Hoa, the most industrialized city in the South.

High-end apartment project in Bien Hoa

According to some reliable sources, in the coming time, Berjaya D2D Malaysia will launch the Topaz Twins project with more than 700 high-end apartments with an average price of VND1.3 billion each. The project is located at Vo Thi Sau street, the busiest in the center of Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province.

With large green space and modern design friendly environment. In particular, the apartments here will be equipped with advanced facilities that can meet international living standards such as waterfalls in the project, garden complexes, swimming pool, trade center, gym, Assuming that Topaz Twins will be one of the projects attracting a large number of foreign visitors to create the market most vibrant Bien Hoa apartment.

luxury project in Bien Hoa

Topaz Twins Bien Hoa luxury apartment project

Another Bien Hoa apartment project comes from the cooperation of Japanese enterprises and real estate companies in Vietnam to create 400 apartments for serviced apartments and commercial centers in Bien Hoa center with average prices from VND

In addition, Samland will announce a new Bien Hoa apartment project with more than 1,200 Samsora Riverside apartments at the end of December. At the same time, a famous company of the Dong Nai land segment, LDG also has the intention to launch Bien Hoa real estate market with 400 apartments this month.

It can be seen that international real estate investors are pouring capital into Bien Hoa apartment market and a number of big projects. However, this supply is still relatively low compared to the demand for housing, luxury apartments today.

Bien Hoa apartment “golden hen” of Dong Nai real estate

Bien Hoa is the largest industrial city in the South with more than 10,000 foreign experts living and working. Meanwhile, neighboring areas such as Di An, Trang Bom and Thuan An, also have 15,000 international staff. Therefore, the demand for apartments and houses of international standards here is extremely large, demanding to meet about 10,000 serviced apartments for 25,000 international experts.

Despite the large demand, the segment of medium and high-end apartments is still quite scarce in Bien Hoa apartment project. The current number of projects is only about 1.5% of the demand. This makes the Bien Hoa apartment project very important and the rental rate is almost the highest in Vietnam today.

luxury projects in Bien Hoa

Perspective of Samsora Riverside Bien Hoa project

With a rental price of about VND 8-12 million per month for a one bedroom apartment, the exploit capacity is up to 100% and easily earns over VND 100 million a year.

Investors 1 apartment with a price range of VND 1 billion, the rate of return when renting apartments here is about 9 – 10% per year. It can be seen that this level of profit is half the rental apartment from Saigon and double the apartment for rent in Hanoi.

Bien Hoa real estate with great demand and ideal profitability will help investors to “dig up gold” in the current Bien Hoa apartment market.

In the recent months, Bien Hoa will receive 4 investment projects with more than 3,000 luxury apartments to meet the demand of international experts. The number of apartments offered for sale by real estate companies in the last 2 months has exceeded 4 times the total number of apartments launched in Bien Hoa market in 6 years. This can be seen in the Bien Hoa apartment market is very exciting at this time. Therefore, Bien Hoa real estate is becoming a potential gold mine to be exploited more in the future.

luxury projects in Bien Hoa

Bien Hoa needs at least 10,000 luxury apartments to serve the needs of consumers

It can be said that the massive flood of a series of real estate projects in Bien Hoa has made the real estate in general as well as the real estate development in Bien Hoa in particular. breakthrough. In the near future, the Bien Hoa apartment building promises to be a key item of the real estate investment potential of Dong Nai province.

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