A Specialized Mechanism For The Project Of Building The Vietnam – China Friendship Palace

Recently, the Ministry of Construction has issued Document No. 2119 to the Government Office for comments on the specific mechanism to ensure the progress of the items of the Vietnamese side in the project of building the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace.

After receiving the Document No. 8995 dated on 24/8/2017 of the Office of the Government, requesting comments on the recommendations of the Vietnam Union of the Friendship Organizations on the special mechanism to ensure the advancement items of the Vietnamese side in the Vietnam-China General Supply Supporting Palace Project (Document No. 1642 dated on 21/8/2017), the Ministry of Construction has studied and commented as follows:

According to the contents of the document above and the accompanying documents, the part of the Chinese side will complete the plan as committed; There are 2 items that have not been deployed yet, including: the main port, guard room, nameplate and wall, value of 611,600 USD; The item of the construction connected to the high-voltage power lines for the adjustment of test equipment and operation of the project later, the value of about 110,000 USD.

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace, photo was taken on 22/4/2017

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In order to ensure that the project is implemented and completed in accordance with the commitments made by the two Governments, accelerating the construction of the above-mentioned items is very necessary and meeting the schedule proposed by the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam Government.

However, the value of the 2 construction items mentioned above exceeds the limit for the appointment of the contractor as stipulated in Article 54 of Government Decree No. 63/2014 dated on 26/6/2014 regulating expenditure the details of the implementation of a number of articles on bidding selection. In this case, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations should study in order to apply the form of contractor selection in the special cases stipulated in the Article 26 of the Bidding Law. Accordingly, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations should supplement the explanations to clarify the specific and particular conditions of the bidding package, which cannot be applied to the forms of selection of contractors defined in Articles 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of the Bidding Law as a basis and report it to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.

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