Ability to connections multi-transport of Swanpark Nhon Trach

SwanPark Nhon Trach is conveniently located to connect with the surrounding areas quickly thanks to the developed infrastructure system.

The location of any real estate project is a top priority for every investor, investor, or investor. SwanPark has emerged in the Nhon Trach real estate market by inheriting a remarkable network of road infrastructure; Waterway; highways and airways.

Swan Park’s outstanding transport infrastructure

+ Road: SwanPark Nhon Trach is located in the middle of the main roads such as: Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway; Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway (this is the route connecting Ho Chi Minh City to other neighboring provinces in the South East such as Dong Nai, Tay Ninh … In 2021 when Cat Lai Bridge The operation will make the move from SwanPark Nhon Trach to Ho Chi Minh City center just over 20 minutes, which is a highlight of the project.

The proeprty supply boom along the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway

Traffic infrastructure is rapidly developing in the East Saigon area

+ Waterway: This is the infrastructure that is of concern when the overload situation of road vehicles is increasing. One indication is that Ho Chi Minh City successfully piloted the river bus. And in the future, moving by water will be extremely popular. The project, located near the Dong Nai River, will make it easy for Swan Park residents to use this form of transport.

+ Overhead rail: The expansion of this public transportation is similar to waterway. Overhead railways with Metro routes are being deployed that will pass through SwanPark. Nhon Trach helps residents move more conveniently to nearby areas as well as to the city center.

+ Airways: Long Thanh International Airport was built as a step forward for Dong Nai to develop. Infrastructure has been upgraded between Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai.

The Swan Park project inherits all of the transportation values ​​that will help the project increase its potential value as well as sustainability in the future.

Swan Park Area Convenience

Swan Park – Sustainable development, worth the investment

As an investor in the real estate field, customers can see their vision in this project in the future. The fact is that no city has not expanded. With the development of Ho Chi Minh City as the present, the expansion of the project is indispensable. It is therefore possible to confirm that the future value of the Swan Park project will certainly increase.

With a location – Swan Park will bring the potential value of future profitability for the product

The payment method is 5% / batch within 18 months, equivalent to about 95 million VND / batch. At the same time, with preferential policies, banks will help customers solve their financial worries, raise capital when buying villas / townhouses in SwanPark.

It can be seen that the project SwanPark Nhon Trach has converged full of factors to create a sustainable life, a channel of high profitability, long-term for everyone. Compared with other projects of SwanCity investor has succeeded and resonate, the position for this enterprise in the market of Dong Nai real estate is SwanBay with the progress of building quickly and hand over the house in accordance with the project. ant. The project is to develop a modern utility service chain first, then the construction of the villa, so that when the residents are living, they enjoy the utilities here.

Swan City - Swan Park and Swan Bay project owners

CFLD – Investors of two projects Swan Park and Swan Bay are doing the wind in the Dong Nai real estate market.

CFLD’s investor of Swan Park Nhon Trach has been present and has more than 50 regions in the world including Indonesia; India; Vietnam; US … Currently, the corporation has over 1,100 strategic partners in the field of industrial city, invested up to $ 4.1 billion.

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With all of the factors we have listed above it can be said that the choice of SwanPark Nhon Trach is a good choice for all customers. The pace of deployment of the brothers – the Swanbay project was extremely impressive in just three months. This was similarly predicted by Swan Park.

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