Acquire Thousands Of Hectares Of Land In Long An, What Is The Intention Of A Corporation Owned By The Rich Chinese Businesswoman?

Long An Province is becoming a new target of the real estate companies, including Van Thinh Phat Group of the great Chinese businessman named Hoa Truong My Lan.

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According to information from the Center for Land Development of Can Giuoc District, which is belonged to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Long An province, this unit has received land files for 36 projects with an area of 2,086 hectares by Van Thinh Phat Group – the investor.

The Chinese-American grandmother collected thousands of hectares of land in Long An

Can Giuoc leaders work with Van Thinh Phat Group on land acquisition in Long An, resettlement assistance

There are 13 projects with total area of 718 hectares contracted for distraction are being inventoried land and assets on it; 23 projects with 1,367 hectares land area have received land records, delivered landmark and planned general compensation.

For projects that have been inventoried land and assets, Can Giuoc Center for Land Development has applied compensating prices for houses, structures, plants and livestock, cost of investment in the land but hasn’t decided it for land damage. The land records made by the companies still have many errors about land categories, area, owners, and have to adjust and supplement several times, which leads to the slow progress.

At the same time, at the meeting between the Can Giuoc People’s Committee and Van Thinh Phat, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee Nguyen Tuan Thanh proposed that TTQD Can Giuoc actively cooperate with the investor to work out a detailed plan for compensating land’s prices of the projects.

For localities where projects are implemented in their respective area, it is necessary to intensify the work of inspecting and handling in time violations of land and construction, which domains in the planned areas in order to determine the compensation conditions for the project.  Investors should accelerate the detailed plans, compensation plans, especially focus on resettlement projects, so that the project can be implemented soon.

However, according to the research of reporters, Van Thinh Phat is requesting Long An province to solve some problems including determining the land price to calculate the compensation when recovering land; determine the remaining value according to the percentage of the existing value of houses or other works other than houses attached to land; compensate for housing and construction works created in contravention of law; deal with cases where the percentage of each land category is not clearly defined; determine the resettlement unit price; percentage deducted for compensation, support, and resettlement; minimum area of resettlement.

In this regard, the Department of Planning and Investment of Long An province proposed the Provincial People’s Committee to assign the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, chair and coordinate with the Can Giuoc District People’s Committee to consider the Group’s proposals, then report to the provincial People’s Committee to implement.

In addition, Long An province also asked investors to conduct surveys and sociological surveys to assess the need for resettlement, living conditions, employment,… to have a resettlement plan in place.

It is necessary to evaluate and determine the suitability of the area of the plot of land in the Tan Kim Resettlement Area in order to create a consensus and high agreement on implementation, avoiding questioning people and wasting money on an investment.

It is known that after the Soai Rap navigable dredged the first period, ensuring the traffic of 50,000 tons ship, the Long An International Port project in Can Giuoc district is the most popular seaport inherited many advantages.

With the advantages of international seaports, it will be easier for Long An’s projects to attract foreign capital inflows, especially the “One ring, one road” project’s capital inflow of China.

The Chinese-American grandmother collected thousands of hectares of land in Long An

Long An international port

Joint venture projects nearly 20,000 billion VND

In addition to projects in Can Giuoc District, Tan Thanh Long An Investment JSC, a subsidiary of Thai Son Corporation, has set up a joint venture with Van Thinh Phat and a partner from Korea to invest the infrastructure of the Viet Phat Industrial Park and Urban Area with an area of 1,832.95 hectares in Thu Thua District, Long An Province.

Viet Phat Industrial Zone has a total area of 1,207.95 hectares with total investment capital of nearly 20,000 billion VND (approximately 890 million USD). The industrial zone is generally planned including administrative areas, public service areas for workers, inland ports and bonded warehouses, infrastructure (power plants, water plants, waste water treatment plants, information system), greenery and ecological lake, the rest is land for industrial plants.

The Chinese-American grandmother collected thousands of hectares of land in Long An

Representatives of Thai Son Corporation Ministry of Defense – Tan Thanh Company Long An performs the ceremony of handing over the ground with partners

Viet Phat Urban Area has a total area of 625 hectares. The population in this planning area is about 60,000 people. The urban area will include educational land, cultural and sports land – general hospital, commercial – service area, townhouse – villa – townhouse, public utility area.

Viet Phat Industrial Zone s located on the second arterial road that was formed in the Mekong Delta, N2 Street.

This route is invested by Duc Hoa district, Long An province, passing through Dong Thap Muoi area and connecting with Cao Lanh bridge and Vam Cong bridge. Along with that, this industrial zone is only a few dozen kilometers from the Vietnam-Cambodia border.

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