Adjust Comprehensive Planning Of the North West Urban Area In Ho Chi Minh City

The Office of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has assigned the Investment Management Board of The North West Urban Area to adjust the comprehensive planning of the Northwest Urban Area and prepare the organization bidding for selecting of planning consultancy units.

HCMC People’s Committee has approved the local adjustment of the planning about the zoning of 1/2000 scale in the North West urban area, in order to create conditions for people to stabilize their life and at the same time ensure planning orientation. To renovate and embellish the existing residential area, in harmony with the new urban development area.

Adjust the master plan of urban North West


Planning Information Center will continue to study the tasks and will plan for the zoning of the 1/5000 scale area in the North West urban area; Coordinating with related departments to prepare local adjustment documents for the zoning plan with a scale of 1 / 2000 and research the development of regulations on management according to the plan to manage land, construct within the existing residential area embellishment.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City assigned The Department of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Department of Construction to continue advising on land and construction policies and mechanisms, ensuring adequate benefits for the people in the existing residential areas, renovations and other areas while waiting for the implementation of urban planning North West.

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It is known that the Northwest urban area has a total area of 6,089ha. The population is 40,810 with about 10,566 homes. The planned population is 300,000 and the current population is 50,000. In the future, the North West urban area will be a center with functions such as services, trade, health, culture, education and training, sports center and recreation resorts.

Adjust the master plan of urban North West

Master plan urban North West HCMC

This will be a modern urban area with the asynchronous development of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure which aims to create a healthy and friendly urban center along the direction of sustainable development. It is a focal point for trade, transportation, transit warehousing and is the gateway to the North West of Ho Chi Minh City.

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