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Adjustment Planning Industrial Parks Urban And Vsip Nghe An Services

Adjusting the planning of industrial parks, urban areas and VSIP Nghe An

Regarding the adjustment of the zoning plan for the construction of 1/2000 industrial parks, urban and VSIP Nghe An services and additional documents dated 9/8/2017, Recently, the Ministry of Construction has issued Document No. 2047 / BXD-QHKT to Nghe An People’s Committee.

Accordingly, the People’s Committee of Nghe An province directed relevant agencies to supplement and clarify the reasons for adjusting the planning boundary (south-west area near Highway 46A, south of Vinh-Cua Lo Boulevard). Compared with the approved planning boundary of Decision No. 2727 / QĐ-UBND.ĐT dated 29/6/2015 of People’s Committee of Nghe An province approving the detailed plan for construction of industrial zones, urban and VSIP Nghe An service. Note the consultation, public announcement with organizations, individuals, local communities affected by the change of planning boundaries.

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The calculation of population size in the planned area is based on data on the existing village population, number of employees (regular and irregular) in the industrial zone and the relocation from other areas to the planning area must be consistent with Vinh’s population size in accordance with Decision No. 52 / QĐ-TTG dated 14/01/2015 of the Prime Minister approving the adjustment of general planning Vinh city, Nghe An province to 2030, vision to 2050.

Adjusting the planning of industrial parks, urban areas and VSIP Nghe An

It is necessary to study the reduction of land area for urban development, prioritize the increase of industrial land area planned by the planning area as “Industrial zones, urban areas and services” in Southeastern Nghe An economic zone and is located in Vinh City.

The determination of the land area of 50 sqm/person (excluding the existing village population) is not compliant with the Vietnamese Construction Standards QCXDVN 01: 2008 / BXD (urban land unit norms must be smaller than 50 sqm/person), should be calculated to avoid wasting land.

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The planning area (with an estimated population of more than 40,000) is adjacent to the Vinh bypass (traffic density of motorized vehicles), so appropriate solutions are needed to ensure the traffic for Vinh bypass and do not cause congestion in the planning area.

Proposing solutions to connect technical infrastructure between industrial parks and urban areas planned to be built in the future with existing residential quarters to meet the requirements of traffic, water supply, and drainage.

It is necessary to study the calculation and propose measures to ensure the environment (water environment, garbage, and especially air environment) for residential areas in Ky villages, Vu village (Hung Tay commune) block 11 and block 12 (Hung Nguyen town) when industrial plants come into operation. The content of strategic environmental assessment complies with the Ministry of Construction’s Circular No. 01/2011 / TT-BXD dated 27 January 2011 guiding strategic environmental assessment in construction planning and urban planning.

Added landscape architectural drawing of main roads, central areas, highlight works; preliminary estimation of capital and resource requirements; regulations for management according to zoning plans for construction zoning.

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