Admire The 3- Floor Townhouse Is Super Thin But Still Shimmering In Saigon

When it comes to super-thin homes, people often think of living space is narrow, but the beautiful model below brings a completely different view.

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Beautiful and spacious houses are what everyone wants, but because the urban area is so limited that many families are willing to live in ultra-thin, ultra-thin houses. In this article, Vietnam Real Estate will introduce you to an ultra-thin 3-story tubular model, but with a unique architecture and ensure a comfortable living space for the whole family.

Three-storey house in Saigon

Admire beautiful house with a thin 1-0-2

Beautiful house super thin: Difficult to develop wisdom

The house has a total area of 27 sqm, calculated to be only a motel room, no one can think of this land, the owner can build a beautiful model desirable of many people.

The house is built in the style of the three-story minimalist modern style, the exterior is painted in pure white and impressed by the cleverly designed façade between the toughened glass and interlaced brick walls, creating open space and more spacious for the whole house.

Three-storey house in Saigon

The façade was impressed by the intertwining of the glass panels and the white walls

The interior of the tube house is arranged in a minimalist modern style, in which common features throughout the floors are light wood panels and white painted walls to create a wider sense of space. All furniture is carefully calculated neat and tidy layout.

Three-storey house in Saigon

The interior of the house is arranged neatly and reasonably

The living room and garage are located on the first floor, while the second floor is a kitchen and dining area. Because the house is small, but the shape is not square so the kitchen cabinet system must be compact, close to the wall to save space.

Three-storey house in Saigon

The kitchen and dining room are very small but full of equipment

Although very limited in terms of area, homeowners arranged bedroom of the beautiful house is quite spacious because this is the rest of people after a day of work, study tired. The room is impressed by the large glass door frame, which makes space is always flooded with light and curtains system to ensure privacy when necessary.

Three-storey house in Saigon

The bedroom is quite spacious

On the mezzanine floor of the house, the homeowner arranges the workroom with a huge bookcase instead of the dividing wall. This way both save space and also ensure the aesthetics of this beautiful house.

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Three-storey house in Saigon

Working room on the mezzanine floor

On the third floor, a small balcony is set up with a small table. Here, everyone in the family can sit reading, relax, breathe fresh air and watch the streets.

Three-storey house in Saigon

The rooftop terrace is designed as a relaxing space

For this ultra-slim beautiful model, the essential point is to limit interior equipment and use toughened glass to expand the space, to suck natural light. Hopefully, this 3-story tube house will bring you a new idea to build your family’s small home.

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