The advantage of the ARENA and the moment of investment

The Arena Nha Trang is a project that possesses very convincing reasons for investors to easily provide the right direction and investment options for maximum profitability.

For a Condotel resort project like Condotel The Arena Nha Trang, after acquiring basic information on location, size, design, utility or payment schedule and sales policy. The The next important thing that customers should keep in mind is choosing the right investment time.

Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh

Perspective of space project Nha Trang Arena of JSC Nha Trang Bay JSC

Should choose investment at Condotel The Arena Nha Trang for 6 reasons:

Firstly, the Condotel Condos 100% Sea View:

The size of up to 30 hectares, Condotel The Arena Nha Trang is the only project in the beach area Bai Dai owns four towers towering the sea with the design of giant horseshoes. Especially 100% Condotel The Arena Nha Trang overlooking the sea, of which 80% of Condotel apartments have direct sea view.

The Condotel The Arena Long Beach

Sea view at the Condotel The Arena Long Beach

Secondly, developed by Prestigious Investor:

Nha Trang Bay Investment Construction JSC is the investor of The Nha Trang Arena. The company is known as a prestigious investor, has strong financial potential and prominent with the project Panorama Nha Trang with the prestigious award “the best housing development in Nha Trang 2017” was awarded by Vietnam Property Award.

Third, Large profit potential from leasing:

Most of the resort projects in Bai Dai are villas, with relatively high investment and rental costs. Therefore, Condotel Nha Trang will be the ideal investment stop, has a “soft” price level and design class, combining 5 star luxury, will attract a large number of domestic tourists. and international.

Customers are “Safety, Security and Peace of mind” with high rate of return and increase in real estate value.

Fourth, the dominant utility combination:

Owning more than 25 items of super-class facilities, meeting international 5-star standards, Condotel The Arena offers the perfect difference and affirms its own mark on the international market, such as saltwater pool items, Gym & Spa …

The system of utilities

The system of utilities is reviewed, and people are paying attention

Fifth, Inherited preferential policies:

+ The only Condotel product in Vietnam is priced at less than 1 billion (Full VAT + Interior 5 * + HTLS 0%).

+ Share profits up to 95/5 (Owner 5% – 95% customer).

+ Loan support with 2 preferential levels: 50% of GTCH with apartment security and 70% of GTCH with security assets are apartments and other assets. Term of loan for 15 years with interest rate 0% from the date of disbursement to the date of handing over the apartment.

Finally, Long Term Ownership:

Once the customer has completed 100% of the contract value and legal procedures, they will be permanently owned and will also have full use of the Condotel The Arena for their own purposes such as accommodation, Operate or entrust the hotel management unit (Tauzia Group).

Tips on timing investment at The Arena Nha Trang

At the time of launching the Condotel The Arena project

The first suitable investment time was the initial launch of the project. At the beginning this is usually the time when the cheapest project costs and market fever are not high. When the investor of Condotel The Arena Nha Trang launched the first phase of the project, investors quickly bought into the ideal apartment with nice view and reasonable price.

After the success of the first phase, many investors and customers have known The Arena Nha Trang. In addition, at the next launch, customers can sell their apartment bought the first installment with higher prices because the project has heated up and the launch after the price will certainly be higher than the first launch first.

The advantage of investing at this time is the quick return of capital and the need to mobilize capital with little potential for price increases. However, there are some disadvantages such as not optimizing the profitability of real estate products and risk will be higher with other times.

At the time of handing over Condotel The Arena

Delivery time The Arena Nha Trang can be called when many customers hunting for apartments left over. With the thought that after handing over the apartment, the customer will be operated and put into operation by the operator. Profits will begin to emerge when visitors begin to come to the project.

Therefore, investors will be looking for apartments at this time to be able to get a safe investment and continuous profit. Customers have bought Condotel The Arena Nha Trang from the first round or the next launch can wait until the delivery of the apartment. At this point the land price as well as the project potential has increased and investors will make more profits.

Condotel Cam RanhOn 7-1 Condotel Cam Ranh officially launched real estate market

The advantage of investing at this moment is to maximize the return on real estate investment, low risk because the project potential is very large and develops very well. However, some limitations will be related to large capital requirements and long stay periods, which also require detailed calculations to avoid financial risk.

So, with the advantages are, customers and investors are pouring money to buy Condotel The Arena Cam Ranh. According to experts, the heat of the project area has not shown signs of deterioration due to the number of Condotel The Arena open for sale while customers are increasing rapidly after the launch.

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