Advantages from investing in condotel in the entertaining-tourism complex model

Condotel developed within the entertaining complex will offer unique advantages for investors. Cocobay is a typical example. This is a large-scale and modern entertaining complex invested properly and aimed to become a new destination after being put into operation the first phase on July 15.

The advantages of the entertaining zone when being gone into operation

From the first launching days, Cocobay Da Nang was considered to be the most funniest, exciting and diverse entertainment complex in Vietnam and in the region. The project covers a total area of ​​31 hectares, stretching along Da Nang beach with an investment up to 11,000 billion dong.

Coming to Cocobay via the Coco City Tour bus line, it will be easy to travel to Danang to enjoy the beauty of one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet and experience the cultural identity of Hoi An with ancient architecture, traditional craft villages …

It is not only convenient to connect to nearby beautiful landscapes but also right inside Cocobay, you will enjoy exciting, modern entertaining services such as walking streets throughout the project, commercial center, swimming pool, spa.

Notably is the system of beer club, pub, outdoor music stage, restaurant chain. The owner said that all were built in dynamic and creative style.

The above investment will make Cocobay become a great tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Once the entertaining activities are attractive enough to attract customers, accommodation services will develop accordingly.

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On July 15th, the owner of Empire Group has officially launched the first phase of Cocobay project with Boutique Hotel cluster and modern entertaining categories such as crowded wakling street, conventional center, Boxing Ring martial arts arena, multi-style restaurant system: European, American, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese …

Highlighted with smart condotel

Coco Skyline Resort is one of the prominent component projects of Danang Cocobay Entertaining and Tourism Complex. Favorable location in the overall project, top-class amenities, beautiful design, and especially the investment in smart devices are the main reasons why Coco Skyline Resort is quickly received interest from customers and investor.

Coco Skyline Resort is located right in the five star resort and hotel complex of Cocobay. With this location, visitors can easily access and utilize the top luxury amenities in the Cocobay complex. Especially, right inside Coco Skyline Resort, the Empire Group invests in outstanding facilities such as swimming pool, rooftop gym, mini basketball court, beach yoga area.

Every apartment in Coco Skyline Resort is considered as “the second home” of the visitors when being fully equipped with high-end amenities such as reception desk, wall cabinets, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, induction cooker.

The difference creating the style of Coco Skyline Resort is that the project is invested with “smart condotel” technology. Only by touching on smartphone the visitors can control the appliances such as TV, door lock, curtains, lighting system. Each condotel at Coco Skyline Resort is also equipped with high speed Internet system.

The architecture of Coco Skyline Resort tends to create a modern, luxurious living space. The walls, angles are minimized instead of open space. The design in color of Coco Skyline Resort creates a youthful, dynamic living space with luxury furniture meeting 4-star hotel standards.

Coco Skyline Resort currently costs at 1.4 billion/unit. In which, SHB Bank will support loans at preferential interest rates. The bank will pay on behalf of the customers to pay the amount equivalent to 60% of the condotel value for the owner and the buyer of Coco Skyline Resort will pay this outstanding balance within 20 years.

When using free cash flow to invest in Coco Skyline Resort, investors will be committed a minimum profitability of 12% per annum for 8 years. In addition, owners will also stay at the Condotel 15 free nights per year and can exchanged with other vacation in the same system.

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