Advantages of Panorama Nha Trang compared with other projects in the region

Panorama Nha Trang Hotel apartment project has many advantages in terms of service quality, selling price and ideal living space. This is one of the most attractive projects among many other apartment projects in the same area.

What are the strengths of the project that received high valuation from real estate investors and real estate professionals? Does Panorama Nha Trang project have special features compared with other projects in the area, what are those special features? To understand more about the cause of the project’s attraction, let’s find out the most accurate information

  1. The geographic location of Panorama Nha Trang is extremely convenient.

A highly valued real estate project is based on one of the main factors, the geographic location of the project. According to leading real estate experts in the country, Panorama Nha Trang hotel project has a great advantage and full of development potential thanks to the unique location of the project. If other apartment projects have only 1 or 2 facades, Panorama Nha Trang has 3 important facades. The facades of the project are located on the main arterial roads of Nha Trang city. In addition, the project is located near Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee and 2/7 Park. Those places are the tourism attractions as well as the large number of the city’s dweller.

As a coastal project, Panorama Nha Trang also possesses an ultra-wide view to the sea. With transparent glass doors, just by pulling the curtain, future residents can see Tran Phu Nha Trang beach. Living in Panorama Nha Trang, you and your relatives will have a wonderful and novel experience.

  1. Panorama Apartments Nha Trang owns the most high-level service chain.

Not only having strength on geographic location, Panorama Nha Trang also owns full and first class service. The design orientation of the investor of Panorama Nha Trang project is to plan the project into a complex of residential apartments, hotels and modern commercial center system with full facilities. Thus, the planning of the project is no less inferior than any high-end apartment project in the center of the city’s districts.

Panorama Nha Trang project owns a unique feature that no real estate project in Vietnam has. Right on the 39th floor of the project, the owner has designed a salt water infinity pool with the transparent glass at the bottom of the swimming pool, the swimming pool is designed to curl exactly like Nha Trang beach. When relaxing in Panorama Nha Trang swimming pool, visitors will have the opportunity to conquer the novelty, conquer the view of the height as well as can zoom in all directions around the project. This is a plus point in the design of the project.

In addition, the project is designed with the  most modern services such as luxury 5-star hotel, luxurious restaurants, sports center, , spa … All has created sufficient amenities for the project.

  1. Favorable sales policy from the owner.

The project is expected to be officially sold in August 2018. Along with favorable location and service and great incentives and support from the investor, it is very convenient to choose to buy Panorama Nha Trang Apartments. With only 1.7 to 1.8 billion dong, you can own an apartment in Panorama Nha Trang. In addition, you only need to reserve 50 million and receive the interest rate of 0% until the handing over time of the apartment. This is one of the favorable support that few projects have.

You will receive many attractive advantages when investing in Panorama Nha Trang project, please order your apartment now, you will be very satisfied with your decision.

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