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All you need to know about the Swan Bay project

twin villas project Swan Bay

What is the size, price, location, utility, design, site … of the Swan Bay project? Check out the article by Realestatevietnam.

Swan Bay Project Overview

  • Project Name: Swan Bay.
  • Project scale: 200ha.
  • Construction density: 21.05%.
  • Number of villas: 396 units (phase 1: 27ha).
  • 21 units of Grand Riverside Villas: 20m x 26m.
  • 61 units of River Villas and Small Villas: 16m x 20m and 20m x 20m.
  • 184 Semi-detached Apartments: 10m x 20m.
  • 130 units Town house: 7m x 17m; 7m x 20m; 9m x 17m; 9m x 20m.
  • The perspective of Swan Bay project design

Project location Swan Bay

Swan Bay is located on the island of Dai Phuoc in Nhon Rach district, Dong Nai province. This is the only island in the East, conveniently located, surrounded by Dong Nai River, opposite Cat Lat ferry, adjacent to District 2 and District 9.

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Thanks to its strategic location at the gateway to the East, Swan Bay quickly connects with many important highways such as:

  • 19 km to Long Thanh International Airport, Highway 51, Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway and Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway.
  • The center of HCM City 16 km North East, adjacent to District 2 and District 9.
  • Swan Bay inherits the backdrop of East’s infrastructure with major transport links. In particular, the Beltway 3 will be completed by 2020, Long Thanh International Airport and Metro lines will bring great potential value to the project.
Location of Swan Bay
Project location Swan Bay

Highlights at the Swan Bay project

Swan Bay is a modern urban resort with outstanding facilities. The highlights at the Swan Bay project include:

  • More than 65% of the area is for public areas, parks, landscapes, with green parks spread along the lake landscape of more than 1ha.
  • Open architecture with private garden, nice view to the landscape of the house
  • The community is protected by privacy and security 24/24
  • Marina of international standard
  • Sport club with 5-star infinity pool
  • Outstanding facilities at the Swan Bay project
  • Sale price of the subdivision at Swan Bay project

Based on the price at the first stage, it can be seen that the Swan Bay townhouse subdivision has a selling price of VND2.4 – 4.3 billion and the semi-detached villa area is priced at VND4-6.6 billion. , the riverside villa area is priced from 7.6 to 8.3 billion dong and the highest is the riverside residential area where the price is about 13-14 billion.

The Swan Bay project price list

The reference price for the first phase of the Swan Bay project

Swan Bay selling price compared with other projects in the same area
Swan Bay selling price compared with other projects in the same area

Swan Bay is a prominent product in the market of Nhon Trach, Dong Nai with good price and good level:

  • Most of the projects in Nhon Trach are land sales. Swan Bay is built as a true complex, with not only high-class houses and villas but also enjoying the living space, landscapes, services and facilities.
  • Swan Bay consists of “land and houses”, in which case BDS is frozen, can still be rented and land is not, this as an invisible factor drags residents to live, the more crowded the price. The real estate is growing long.

Design of subdivisions at the Swan Bay project

Swan Bay has four main product lines:

  • Town house: 7m x 17m, 7m x 19m, 9m x 17m, 9m x 19m
  • Duplex villa: 10m x 20m
  • River and landscape villas: 16m x 20m and 20m x 20m
  • Residence: 20m x 27m

The subdivisions at the Swan Bay project are designed in French architecture, focusing on three elements: “Architecture – Fine Arts – People”. Specific design of each subdivision as follows:

Swan Bay is designed in a green lifestyle for young families. Each Swan Bay townhouse is well laid out and offers a well-ventilated space and a well-ventilated living space, providing plenty of energy for the owner.

Swan Bay project
Perspective of Swan Bay project

Swan Bay is designed for luxury living. The residence is located right next to the riverside park and marina, slightly styled French classic style, cozy, harmonious combination of architecture and feng shui, creating a life of fortune for home.

Swan Bay riverside villa with “luxurious and cozy resort style”, located along the scenic lake and central park designed in modern Asian style, is a combination of natural beauty modern architecture.

Swan Bay duplex combines perfectly with the living space and natural beauty, the adjoining villas are separated by private and elegant foyers, many windows and balconies are provided All rooms are lighted in nature, cool.

Duplex villa

  • Design: 1 ground 2 floors
  • Land area: 10 x 20m
  • Land area used: 236,60sqm
  • Quantity: 184 units
twin villas project Swan Bay
Perspective of the twin villas project Swan Bay


  1. Design 1 ground 2 floors
  2. Land area: 9 x 17m
  3. Land area used: 179.7sqm
  4. Quantity: 130 units

The latest project of Swan Bay

Below is the latest update of the Swan Bay project. At present, many facilities at Swan Bay have been implemented and have been in operation: Marina Dock, Riverfront Landscape Park, Restaurant Zone, BBQ Area, Sports and Recreation Center, Jeongsan Golf Course 18 holes, tennis court, mini soccer field, swimming pool, Sen Phuong Nam villa area is 22.4 ha (completed) and welcomes many residents here including Vietnamese owners, Viet Kieu and foreign experts.

Many items in Swan Bay have been put into use

  • Paths to the project are planted quite a lot of trees around the two sides
  • The path to the Swan Bay project is clean, asphalt
Swan Bay Project
A corner at the Swan Bay project
Highest value alive thanks to the perfect service chain of Swan Bay Dong Nai
Pool facilities at Swan Bay have been completed

Information open sale project Swan Bay

Swan Bay is expected to be open for sale at the end of June, with an estimated selling price of 3-6% over the first phase (Phase 1 sold out). Currently, the investor is carrying out the following specific booking:

Goodwill Reservation:

  • Small villa: VND20 million / unit
  • Standard villa: VND30 million / unit
  • Large villa: VND 50 million / unit
  • The sooner the booking is made, the sooner will be given preference (details will be announced later). Each customer is allowed a maximum of 5 tickets. Investors will organize events to draw customers to select products.

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All you need to know about the Swan Bay project

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