Allow Land Auction That Is Not More Than 30%

The Ministry of Construction has studied and accepted the opinions of the ministries, branches and agencies concerned to perfect the mechanism and Implementation policy of the program for building residential and flooded areas in the Mekong Delta in the second phase in accordance with the law on public investment.

Flexible in land auction

On that basis, the Ministry of Construction proposes the Prime Minister to allow the localities to auction the flexible basis not more than 30% of the total number of blocks in the province; but not more than 50% of the number of blocks on each cluster to supplement capital for infrastructure construction.

The Ministry of Finance has coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to continue urging and request provinces to surpass the level of support from the central budget (Kien Giang and Can Tho) returned to the localities not yet fully licensed (Dong Thap, Tien Giang, Vinh Long) under the Prime Minister’s instruction in Document No. 3446 / VPCP-KTN of 14/5/ 2015 of the Office of the Government.

land auction

The Prime Minister will allow the localities to auction the flexible floor no more than 30% of the total number of blocks in the province

Deletion of debt for households under social protection, the poor are the married couple (or single body) from 60 years old and above have no one to rely on. For housing construction loans from the Social Policy Bank, the provisions of Decision No. 50/2010 / QD-TTG dated 28/7/2010 of the Prime Minister on the promulgation of the regulations on risk management at the Social Policy Bank. As for the sovereign debt from the Vietnam Development Bank, based on the balance of the local budget, the local budget still has to pay debts fully and timely to the Vietnam Development Bank. When the local budget is too difficult, report to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.

The local budget balance to grant to the Social Policy Bank continue disbursement of housing loans for unborrowed households and new households disbursed 60% of capital in residential clusters, phase 1, phase 2, avoiding emptying plots in clusters.

Approved the purchase of blocks to build houses between the heirs of the households receiving the plots or between poor or near-poor households in accordance with civil law. Recognizing the cases when land plots or houses have been transferred to clusters and lines, provided purchasers pay debts for which the sellers have not fulfilled their obligations to the State.

In cases where the transfer has been made without paying the seller’s debts or paying debts to the State, then withdraw. For the plot of land with no more family households under the policy, the local auctions shall be allowed in accordance with regulations to recover capital for the construction of the clusters and additional funding sources for repair and maintenance of the technical infrastructure of population clusters and lines.

Ensuring appropriate for investment ability

For the provinces and cities of An Giang, Can Tho, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Tien Giang and Vinh Long, the number of program beneficiaries under Decision 1151 / QĐ-TTG dated 26 August, 2008 by the Prime Minister as a basis for investment in building residential clusters and lines for the second period (2016-2020) in line with the needs of the people and the investment capacity of the local budget. At the same time, to plan and arrange appropriate production and business spots, create employment conditions and attract people to stay in clusters and lines, avoiding the construction of excess plots in waste clusters and routes.

land acution

Investment capital embankment, capital construction technical infrastructure clusters, sources for the Social Policy Bank 50% of capital to build houses

The allocation in the balance of local budget capital for the implementation of the Program in accordance with the law on public investment must include capital sources: Investment capital embankment, capital construction technical infrastructure clusters, sources for the Bank for Social Policies 50%, Housing capital for loans to households and interest rates corresponding to the capital of the Social Policy Bank, Vietnam Development Bank to mobilize themselves to lend.

However, it is necessary to agree with the Social Policy Bank about granting 50% of housing loans to the bank for lending and the interest rate corresponding to the amount of capital mobilized by the bank itself, agreed with the Vietnam Development Bank that the interest rate corresponding to a number of capital loans in clusters and residential lines.

The Social Policy Bank, Vietnam Development Bank continues to provide mortgages and extended housing loans for Phase 2 (2016-2020) under Decision No. 1998 / QD-TTG dated 03/11/ 2010 of the Prime Minister on the basis of agreement between the localities and banks on the progress of embankment of clusters projects and the schedule of population allocation into the plots in the clusters per year.

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