Alpha city is the “jewel” in the middle of the city

Alpha Hill Condominium converge the ideal criteria for a sedentary lifestyle

In the current socio-economic development, everyone wants to be warm and nice house. Understanding the necessity of many families, Alpha King’s investor has developed the Alpha City apartment project to meet the green-clean-beautiful living environment that residents of district 1 as well city ​​is looking forward to.

If you are interested in high-end real estate segment in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018. Besides the Alpha City apartment project will be a project should not be ignored. It can be said, Alpha City converge all the criteria of a 5 star luxury real estate project. Promising to bring residents an ideal life as a dream and bring investors the opportunity to invest in high-value real estate to bring high profit value.

Alpha Hill apartment

Alpha Hill apartment is full of standard elements for an ideal life and a high profit investment place in the future

Alpha City is the first luxury apartment project in the chain of 11 projects in the center of Saigon that Alpha King International Group is hoping to develop. Wishing to change the “skyline” of the city.

Expected to be the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, Alpha City is gradually becoming the symbol of the District 1 market as the first project of a corporation with 100% foreign capital. Alpha King is an international real estate group based in Hong Kong and has presence in more than 10 countries such as USA, Australia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malysia, … This market is going to be Vietnam.

Position “gold” brings added value for an apartment project in the center of District 1

Located on the route of Nguyen Cuu Tri and 87 Cong Quynh Streets, the Alpha City project has many outstanding values ​​of traffic and links in the area.

  • Alpha City to Thu Thiem urban area: 5 minutes to move.
  • Alpha City to Phu My Hung urban area, District 7: 7 minutes to move
  • Alpha City to Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 15 minutes traveling time
Position "gold" brings added value for an apartment project in the center of District 1

Position “gold” brings added value for an apartment project in the center of District 1

With a land area of ​​8320m2, Alpha City apartment project consists of two blocks of 49 storeys, of which:

The 8-storey Alpha Mall, Alpha Mall shopping mall is inspired by Saigon street art and architecture. Reminiscent of old Saigon through modern space art. This is also the first apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City own two large halls throughout multiple floors.

Alpha Hill luxury apartments range from the 9th to the 49th floor. Meanwhile, Alpha Hill residents will be proud to own the first and only smart home technology house in Vietnam up to this point. . With its unique “transformational” interior, along with world-class infrastructure, it brings a remarkable life and world-class conceirge (customer service). All create a Manhattan lifestyle for residents with a modern lifestyle. The interior design is inspired by nature with wood interior to feel closer.

Alpha Hill Apartments by DPA (Singapore) – Benoy (UK) – Inhabit (Singapore). Each project item is the best in the world. Modern transformer interiors and intelligent apartment systems enhance the quality of life. Details of each type of equipment are high, the major brands: Krislight, Inoci, Kaderwei, Bosch, Delta, Blanco, … handover 100% full and just move in immediately.

Interiors of Alpha Hill apartments

Interiors of Alpha Hill apartments “transform” unique life to bring world-class unprecedented in Vietnam.

Intelligent apartment with “Smart buiding” technology applied for the first time

BIM Technology: The most advanced technology in the construction industry is 100% applied to Alpha Hill apartments. Unified process from design – build – manage – operate buildings are based on a single software to ensure the quality and progress of the project.

In particular, 70% of apartments have an area of ​​28sqm – 29sqm – 34sqm – 38sqm – 41 sqm, with a varied one-bedroom apartment for sale to customers. Customers can stay or rent and here customers can take advantage of the morning space into the office to work, the evening can turn into space to work with the family.

Come to the Alpha Hill apartment you will really feel satisfied because of the unique design, sophistication and impress the customer with the system of utilities and services. 8 storey commercial center called Alpha Mall extremely modern for you to save shopping.

the transformational flats at Alpha Hill

Coming to the transformational flats at Alpha Hill, residents will feel satisfied and impressed by the design style and service facilities of the project.

The diversity of products, the guarantee of prestige, quality makes the project apartments become reliable for all customers. All designs of the work are meticulously selected, the best materials to ensure safety in construction and during use.

If you are a resident of Alpha Hill Apartments, you can enjoy all-inclusive services such as: dining, leisure, entertainment, and even rooms to work quietly and effectively. A smart project that has never appeared in Vietnam, you will enjoy it if you become a resident of Alpha Hill.

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