American-style business in Phu Quoc

Flexibility, openness, pioneering spirit, and pragmatism have helped Americans to be particularly successful in business, creating the largest hotel management conglomerate in the world. And one of those corporations was present in Phu Quoc.

Undeniably the most successful American business world. Of the 2,043 billionaires in the world ranked last year, the United States continues to be the nation with the largest number of rich people, with a total of 565 billionaires, far ahead of China.

What makes American business so successful and so rich? It’s easy to see, Americans worship pragmatism, no rituals that go straight to the issue and want fast results. But Americans practice it sustainably. Every business plan is carefully considered and based on the principle of practical, long-term benefits. They usually identify in advance and clearly the objectives to be achieved, strategies, tactics, using data to accurately study the potential development of a project before deciding on investment.

American business success comes from personal effort. Americans promote individualism, place the higher self in everything, and the spirit of competition is enormous. At work, they always put high demands on the quality of their work in order not to give opponents the opportunity to overcome.

American-style business in Phu Quoc

American-style business in Phu Quoc

On the contrary, they are very flexible, especially in business, when US businesses enter a new market. how to manage the US, on the other hand they always know how flexible flexible to adapt to the needs of local customers.

Americans also have open minds and pioneering spirit, dare to dream, dare to think big and good to manage to realize that dream. Writer Mark Twain described the British as “doing what they did,” and Americans were “like to do what they never did.” Therefore, American products and services are never old and boring but always full of creative inspiration.

Americans also value time, considering time is money, so when choosing partners to cooperate, they always ask for seriousness and compliance with progress.

Thanks to these remarkable personalities, Americans succeed in almost every field. Not only the top technology companies like Apple or Facebook, but also in the hospitality business, Americans also dominate. Of the 10 largest hotel managers in the world, half are from the United States: Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Choice, Starwood and Best Western.

American-branded hotels are not just luxurious exterior, high-class amenities, high-quality service, but also business security and increased real estate value.

“The boss” US hotel into Phu Quoc

There are five American hotel management groups in the top 10 of the world’s largest hotel management groups, including Hilton, Best Western, Marriott, Starwood and Wyndham. Recognizing that the “piece of cake” resort in the Pearl Island is not much, Best Western has officially set foot in the ‘paradise resort’ Phu Quoc through cooperation with the CEO Group.

Accordingly, the Best Western Premier Son La Phu Quoc hotel and resort complex will be managed and operated under the Best Western Premier brand name of Best Western Premier. Thus, for the first time in Vietnam, investors have the opportunity to own a hotel style hotel.

Representative of CEO Group stated: “The Group’s strategy is to cooperate with world-renowned hotel management brands in order to attract international visitors and improve the service quality of resorts by CEOs. Group development, thereby improving the efficiency of business efficiency and profitability for investors.

The CEO Group has teamed up with Accor – Europe’s leading hotel management group and one of the world’s largest hotel management groups – to operate the Novotel Phu Quoc Resort and vacation villas. Novotel Resort. This cooperation is effective when the capacity of the resort is always high, many times “fire room”.

With the aim of diversifying international brands for the Sonasea Villas & Resort to attract a diverse range of clients and meet the diverse resort needs, the CEO Group has placed a strong belief in Best Western to operate the resort next. The global network of business and marketing through more than 4,200 hotels managed by the Best Western Group in over 100 countries will provide international and frequent international visitors to Best Western Premier Sonora Phu Quoc.

Not only that, Best Western Premier is the most luxurious brand among the 11 Best Western brands, so the CEO Group expects to improve the quality of hotel services in particular and Phu Quoc in general to new heights.

However, it is not easy for a real estate project in Vietnam to receive the nod of a world-renowned management corporation. To stick to the global luxury brand such as Best Western, the project must meet many of the rigorous standards that the brand applies to the rest of the world. Carolina Fagnani, Best Western Sales Director for Best Western, said Best Western was involved in the CEO Group project at the design and construction stage, and this was a mandatory requirement to secure the project satisfing all standards of the Best Western Premier brand.

“We have very specific standards for each brand and we only accept branding with reliable projects by serious partners. The CEO Group is one of the reliable partners that has proven itself when it has successfully partnered with another international partner, “said Carolina Fagnani.

It is also a “gold” guarantee for smart investors, when choosing the product bearing “American style” of the Sonar Best Western Sonasea.

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