An apartment is ‘green standard’, urgent needs of Hanoi residents

The demand for a green standard and friendly environment has become a trend of many countries in recent years. In Vietnam, this trend is prevalent in many big cities

Hanoi is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country with a population of over VND7.5 million. According to the Institute for Population and Social Studies, by 2050, the population of Hanoi may double, equivalent to 14 million people.

The pool area is designed in a resort style surrounded by tropical greenery

The pool area is designed in a resort style surrounded by tropical greenery

Environmentalists say that the urbanization process is accompanied by an increase in the number of people, and that the number of motorized vehicles has increased dramatically, so that air pollution in Hanoi is at a red light. According to experts, one of the most effective ways to reduce the harmful effects of environmental pollution is to develop vegetation, green parks and green projects. Therefore, the need for “green” standards is becoming more urgent than ever.

A Green project in Vietnam

The construction of the “green” apartment building not only saves energy but also creates a fresh environment for residents and communities. Understanding that trend, so many years, the real estate investors in the country began to pursue many different projects. However, lack of investment capital and experience is a barrier for enterprises to adopt this model.

The system of green gardens hanging up to 2,000 sqm along the project

The system of green gardens hanging up to 2,000 sqm along the project

According to incomplete statistics, the number of green buildings in Vietnam is still relatively small and some projects are in the process of registering and pursuing related certificates.

One of the leading certifications and being applied to many countries in the region is the BCA Green Mark of the Singapore Ministry of Construction that has become a benchmark in the green building rating system for evaluating a building based on on performance and its effects on the environment.

To achieve BCA certification, newly built buildings must have an EE rating of 79/140 and meet the following criteria: energy efficiency, water efficiency, project management and development. , the quality of the environment inside the buildings, environmental protection … Besides, the criteria is innovative in design, construction.

From 2016, each building will be equipped with an advanced outdoor instrumentation system to measure the building’s energy efficiency, analysis of cooling parameters, lighting , green coverage … Of course, the cost of building green buildings is more expensive than the construction of other high-rise buildings at least 10-30%.

Green Building

Despite the high cost, in Vietnam, some investors have deployed these projects according to this trend, most typical and pioneer in that trend is the owner of CapitaLand Group from Singapore – this is also is the first BCA Green Mark for the project in Hanoi – Mulberry project.

Unlike other housing projects in the city, Mulberry Lane is distinguished by its architectural design, building quality and environmentally friendly amenities. Stepping into Mulberry Lane, the cool blue of the grass combined with the wind and water that surrounds the campus will give residents the feeling of closeness and relaxation after hours of stressful work.

In addition to the green gardens, Mulberry Lane residents also enjoy a variety of facilities for generations: nursery, supermarket, restaurant, swimming pool of high standard with a length of 50m , sauna, basketball court, gym, golf training ground, badminton court, yoga, tai chi, nursery … Mulberry Lane is truly a “living space” maximize the physical, recreational and recreational needs of the residents.

Not only that, but recently, the owner also invited a prestigious unit and international level as managers for the project. This helps to create a better, more professional and economical living environment in line with the original green living objectives set by the owner.

With the BCA Green Mark Green standard, the system of utilities and security is managed in accordance with international standards, it is no wonder Mulberry Lane is always in the top of the projects in Hanoi with the number of residents of the country. the most living apart.

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