Analyse The Interior Furniture Of The Diamond Lotus District 10

Diamond Lotus Green World is applying the LEED “Beautiful Green” standard. Let together with Vietnam Real Estate analyze the interior space offline.

For a detailed analysis of every aspect of Diamond Lotus Project District 10 perhaps an article is never enough. Therefore, in order to bring the overall information of each project item to the interested person, we will break down into sections. The article below is information about the interior architecture of Diamond Lotus Green World.

We hope customers who are interested in reaching the sharing will gain more important information and make informed decisions and plans on the journey to find a real home or turn around the right source of money to trade real estate.

The design scale of Diamond Lotus Project District 10

Diamond Lotus District 10

Interior design of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is applied LEED standard “Beautiful Green”

The Diamond Lotus District 10 project is fully known as Diamond Lotus Green World, was built by Phuc Khang investor and cooperated with many reputable partners in real estate market in the country and in the world as single APAVE Asia – Pacific, Coteccons, Savills Vietnam, Green Consult – Asia, OCB Bank … The prestige of these units has contributed to the outstanding appearance of the project.

With a total area of nearly 11 hectares and a construction density of 39%, the Diamond Lotus project in District 10 received a lot of positive reviews from professionals and interested people. Based on the project’s site design scale, you will see a lot of interesting factors, especially “unique”.

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Accordingly, the Diamond Lotus Project District 10 will comprise eight towers of about 28 to 30 floors. In total, the number of apartments to be launched will be over 6,000 units, all of which are designed in a variety of sizes ranging from 2-3 bedrooms to the Green standard based on LEED and LOTUS standards.

At the project, you will see the green patch overwhelmed and covered the apartment, with the tall trees along the interior park, with sweet flowers spread across the balcony. Nature and people are intertwined in the same living space. Open the window or stand outside the balcony windy, you will reach the green vegetation with hands to enjoy the cool breeze, breathe fresh air without dust.

Diamond Lotus District 10

Central location of District 10 of the Diamond Lotus Green World apartment project

To comment on the size of the design of the Diamond Lotus Project District 10, can be encapsulated in a sentence: “monochrome, caste and modern.” With the scientific plan as above, Diamond Lotus Green World is really a great space for both residential and real estate investors. You can continue to find out more about interior architecture at Diamond Lotus apartment District 10 in the next section below, if you really care.

Analyze the interior design of Diamond Lotus Project District 10:

Meticulous, detailed, sophisticated and class is what the architecture, interior of Diamond Lotus Project District 10 achieved. Each of the building lines portrays, each refined layout, all of which exemplify the modern American beauty of the project. However, in the “qualities” of Diamond Lotus Green World, there is still something a European style, especially France by the architectural planning design unit is the Archetype Company, the unit from the Beautiful lavender country.

Diamond Lotus District 10

Green living environment, fresh nature brings peace of feeling when living in Diamond Lotus

Highlights in the Diamond Lotus line in general and Green World is no exception, it is built according to the standards of the American Green Apartment, with strict LEED standards rigorous. Along with that is the LOTUS standard of Vietnam, contributing to bring the best quality for real estate products Diamond Lotus.

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To achieve this standard, the cost of construction of Diamond Lotus Green World will cost 10% more than normal. However, after the completion of the project will bring many benefits for the user, it is saving from 30% to 40% of electricity, water (although the use is also the same), and reduce CO2 emissions are reduced to the lowest level thanks to the use of scientific equipment and materials, and make the most of ecological green space. This is a special feature of the project, creating a great attractiveness for the project.

Some highlights in interior architecture of Diamond Lotus project compared with the District 10 apartment you should update include:

– The project is invested using super smart devices, many projects have not access such as fingerprint door, video call, automatic water faucet, TOTO water hygienic equipment (down 20% Led lighting system save 10% of electricity, LOW-E glass door helps reduce heat absorption (CSG, Pilkington) …

– Indoor paint is non-toxic, under the brand LOW-VOC, standard Green Standard (Nippon, Jotun).

– Open space with maximum visibility up to 90% area, unlimited view outside.

– Walls are constructed by environmentally friendly materials, with a thickness of up to 200mm.

– Water for watering plants is 50% reusable water.

Hopefully, the analysis of the architecture and interior of Diamond Lotus Project District 10 will give you more useful information. Any questions please contact us for more specific advice.

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