Analyse the Sun Avenue Project Location

To find out more about The Sun Avenue Project, potential profitability and more from the perspective of location, you can refer to the analysis below.

The same amount of money, the same area but clearly, wise investors who can assess the status of the project location will prevail over many other competitors, for giving the suitable choice. The terrain element of the building, that’s why is very important.
The location of The Sun Avenue project

Perspective of the project apartment The Sun Avenue District 2

If you intend to invest in The Sun Avenue Apartments project, in addition to information on utility, interior design, and apartment prices, you should also take time to thoroughly study location factor. In the case of a newcomer and still quite vague, do not know how to evaluate, assess, then read the article below to accumulate for you the appropriate investment experience. The information below will not only help you see the advantages of the location of The Sun Avenue Project but also help you catch some of the potential exploitation tips. As follows:

The Sun Avenue Project and Area Connection System:

The first thing that we want to analyze for our customers to understand when approaching is the link factor. One thing certainly you cannot deny is that the traffic moving smoothly always is a factor to help the project chosen by many people to settle, investment because everyone wants to live near the middle area. It’s convenient, convenient for transportation, easy to move to anywhere they want to go (work, pick up their children to go to school, hang out, real …) and especially the apartment area of district 2.
That is why The Sun Avenue Project attracts a large number of customers, because the project is located in the main traffic area of the East of Ho Chi Minh City, and is also the place to welcome infrastructure in future. This is a great advantage for many customers to choose apartments, officetel at The Sun Avenue because of the potential for price increases and high liquidity.
The location of The Sun Avenue project

The location of The Sun Avenue apartment project District 2

Some of the highlights in the “Highway Access” traffic connection of the project include:

– The Sun Avenue project owns the front of Mai Chi Tho Boulevard stretching over 500m, at the intersection between Mai Chi Tho and Dong Van Cong.
– The Sun Avenue project is a short way from the Long Thanh Dau Giay expressway, Vong Dai Trong expressway, the Metro tram line. The routes near where The Sun Avenue is located, are the arterial roads of Saigon, connecting many districts in the city together, not to mention the neighboring provinces.
– The Sun Avenue apartment is just 3-5 minutes from Thu Thiem new urban area and District 1. This is a great advantage because the residents of The Sun Avenue can easily experience all the extras of the most attractive outposts.
With favorable regional connectivity, and in the future will also receive many of the key infrastructures of the East, The Sun Avenue Project is obviously appreciated for the potential for real estate price increases over time, the Renting also becomes easier with superior liquidity. In this regard, professional investors may well be aware of this.

You can view more listings of projects being sold in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City: Apartments for sale in district 2

The Sun Avenue project is located in an area with the large concentration of foreigners:

District 2 and District 7 are the two districts with the largest number of foreigners, because of the convenience of transportation, natural scenery and especially the modern and well-developed infrastructure system.
The Sun Avenue project is located in the heart of District 2, right on the wide Mai Chi Tho street, easy to move to the center of district 1 and the industrial parks and high tech parks of large multinational corporations. … so that the high-level workers, foreign experts coming here to stay much is obvious.
The location of The Sun Avenue project

The system connects the area and convenient transportation from the apartment project The Sun Avenue District 2

This is really a big advantage for the apartment, officetel investors at The Sun Avenue Project because you can exploit the lease, earn a stable long-term profit on a monthly basis. Currently, many works near The Sun Avenue have been completed and successfully exploited this business plan, so you do not need to worry too much, and you can rely on it to assess the situation.

With a special architectural design that divides the apartment into small, flexible yet comfortable spaces, the investor of The Sun Avenue Project, while constructing the building, aims to offer the product to investors to be a lucrative rental. So you will be guaranteed the design of the apartment space, and balance the source of money (mean not much equipment to rent apartments, because the investor has designed the architecture suitable for this purpose. ).
In addition, for those customers interested in the project can come to stay immediately, the Diamond Island Apartment is also an ideal choice, and particularly The Sun Avenue has to wait a while longer.
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