Is There Anything In Dragon Hill 2 Apartment That You May Not Know?

Dragon Hill Residences & Suites 2 is a high-end apartment project with outstanding small and medium-size in the South Saigon area. The Dragon Hill 2 apartment is a natural and modern, bringing nature to every luxury apartment.

Dragon Hill 2 is truly a prime location

Dragon Hill apartment is located in front of Nguyen Huu Tho street in Nha Be district. Dragon Hill 2 is located in the South Saigon area, where there are many luxury villas and apartments such as Kim Long Villas, Ngan Long Villas, Phu Hoang Anh Apartments, The Park Residence or Galerria Villas.

Dragon Hill apartment

Dragon Hill apartment is located in front of Nguyen Huu Tho in Nha Be district

Residents living in Dragon Hill 2 apartment easily go to Phu My Hung center or Lottemart District 7 just 5 minutes. The most special are the Dragon Hill 2 project with river view, Golf view and Phu My Hung view so space and living environment is pretty fresh cool.

With the two key routes of the area are Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Van Linh, the connection to the center seemed quite favorable. However, the intersection of these two routes is often quite crowded car so there is often a situation of congestion, especially container trucks.

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This is the weak point of the Dragon Hill project when Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Van Linh are all routes with container trucks moving and often stranded at the intersection. Most recently the city has approved the policy of building overpass and tunnel at this intersection to clear the congestion here. At the same time, the next phase will widen Nguyen Huu Tho Road to the same as transport planning connecting Hiep Phuoc Port

In addition, the current Nguyen Huu Tho area is also quite empty. It is hoped that in the near future there will be more housing projects and with the planning of South Saigon as a center of economic zones, the population will be more crowded.

Live at Dragon Hill 2 – Not only peaceful but also modern and comfortable

Dragon Hill is planned in the right meaning of a luxury apartment, with green standards placed on top. With an area of 10,864 sqm with extremely low construction density and 70% water surface, Dragon Hill is an ideal place to live when your family’s health and well-being is top priority.

Dragon Hill apartment

The commercial center is located right in the project

Live at Dragon Hill 2, your children also have living and playing spaces in the park, fairy garden, swimming pool, a peaceful childhood. In addition, your family will enjoy a high level of life with the extremely high-end amenities such as the resort swimming pool, river BBQ party, GYM room, tennis court and commercial area in the project.

Dragon Hill 2 apartment is modern and luxurious design

The apartments have an area of 51sqm (2 bedrooms) – 94.5sqm (3 bedrooms) are designed quite square and all have logic. Especially, the apartments at Dragon Hill 2 have 2-3 view directions to outer space.

The price of the Dragon Hill 2 apartment and a number of side projects

Dragon Hill apartment

The apartments are designed quite square, harmonious

Dragon Hill Residences & Suites 2: USD $ 1,045-1,136/sqm, VAT is not included, delivery complete basic

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Sunrise Riverside: USD $ 1,318/sqm, rough delivery

Hung Phat: USD $950/sqm

The Park Residence: USD $ 1,286/sqm

The Dragon Hill 2 apartment is a beautiful and green apartment project and is equipped with modern facilities that contribute to bringing you a true life. All anxiety, depression, tension will be removed when you walk into your house. Your family will always have a living space and warm.

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