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Apartment LIMO: Trends “Occupied” The Real Estate Market

Young people are one of the objects with the largest demand for housing. Although many investors find this segment of the “fertile”, however, among many real estate projects have been opened for sale, there are very few projects “reached the target” of the Vietnamese young.

Owning his own apartment and living independently, affirming personality is a trend among young people today, especially for dynamic young people, stable income, desire for private space and flexible time. However, there are many reasons why they can not do this. Although, the real estate market is increasingly trending to expand the segment, targeting a variety of customers, for young customers, the demand for apartments is more difficult. Apart from the reasonable price, the apartment for young people can be modest in terms of utility but still have to be convenient for moving, converging full of services – convenience and smart design.

D '. El Dorado
D ‘. El Dorado is located on Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho Group is invested by Tan Hoang Minh Group will be launched in October this coming.

In fact, apartments in central locations in large areas have high prices, young families are often not enough financial. Projects that are far from the center are not convenient in terms of traffic. Therefore, the project has both good location, modern design, compact, full of facilities and reasonable price … which will become the focus of the market, the young Vietnamese welcome and select. D ‘. El Dorado is one of the few rare projects that are of interest to customers even when they are not open.

According to many analysts, the project D ‘. El Dorado Group of investors Tan Hoang Minh Group attracted the attention of young people because of the convergence of many advantages, such as located in the West Lake area, convenient transportation, security assurance, full utility.

Inspired by the civilized lifestyle of Europe with small comfortable apartments called LIMO (Little Modern – small, modern), Tan Hoang Minh Group deployed project D ‘. El Dorado as a pioneering step in the establishment of independent living standards for the young Vietnamese community.

D’. El Dorado
The apartments are designed intelligently, in the same space can be both living room and bedroom. This type of compact apartment is suitable for young people living independently.

If the brand Tan Hoang Minh has been affirming its name with a series of class-leading European-style classic with D ‘. El Dorado is an impressive point because the project has satisfied the aspirations of young people today, this desire is realized in D ‘. El Dorado with a modern, independent, youthful life that prices are extremely reasonable.

Located on the main street as Lac Long Quan, Nguyen Hoang Ton, Vo Chi Cong … D ‘. El Dorado consists of two Courts. El Dorado 1 and D ‘. El Dorado 2, overlooking the romantic West Lake. This place is not only easy to connect with the capital traffic of the capital but also in the “most livable” area of Hanoi with aquatic environment, fresh environment and complete infrastructure.

Not only that, D ‘. El Dorado is also designed in neo-classical style with elaborate lines, sophisticated with a neat and smart interior. And a special feature that makes the project a powerful attraction, it’s a very lucrative investment opportunity in the future. Because the project is located in the West Lake area is very scarce of high-rise projects because most are rented to foreigners or luxury hotels are expensive.

D '. El Dorado

The arrangement of neat and smart furniture in the apartments of D ‘. El Dorado

Therefore, with the convergence of many outstanding advantages, D ‘. El Dorado can be considered as a project to establish a completely new lifestyle: the apartment area is sufficient but still modern and comfortable, suitable for the independent lifestyle, dynamic, outward direction of the youth present.

Ownership of apartments in D ‘. El Dorado, residents will be able to live in harmony with the mentality, thinking and views of young people, helping them to show their individuality, tastes and agility in the market. There are many changes in the current.

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