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Apartments In District 2  Cost Under VND1 Billion: What To Keep In Mind When Buying?

It is not difficult to find an apartment in district 2 priced at less than VND1 billion at this time. But how to make sure the house you buy will satisfy you?

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In the segment of high-end apartments, the supply of apartments in District 2 is also very diversified now, investors are bidding for apartments with prices ranging from VND800 million -VND 900 million / unit. Is buying an apartment in  District 2 so simple, and homebuyers need to pay attention to what not to lose money unfairly?

The supply of cheap apartments in District 2  increased significantly

To meet the demand for housing in district 2 of the people, investors have paid more attention to the segment of cheap houses priced at under VND1 billion. Although the number of start-up and offer projects is still much lower than the high-end segment, compared with the previous when the number of housing projects under VND1 billion is very rare.This also has increased dramatically. This creates favorable conditions for newlyweds and middle-income earners.

Among them, we can mention Cat Lai urban area with high-quality Citisoho apartments sold at prices from VND852 million per unit. Open for sale at the end of 2016 and after only two weeks, this project has successfully transacted to 200 apartments. It can be said that the moderate price, smart financial policies and the right customer’s needs have made Cat Lai urban area has become one of the cheapest apartments in District 2 and is most popular this year.

Note to know when buying a home in District 2

In addition to the Cat Lai urban area project, District 2 also has other projects in the same segment that are commencing and hurriedly completed. Currently, the dispute between buyers and investors about the quality of apartments took place as a meal, so people need to buy apartments in District 2 should pay special attention to the following issues:

The reputation of the owner and the “scandals” of the project

This is the first note and also the best way to avoid unnecessary disputes later. If your developer and project are regularly involved in construction license scandal, fines for improper design, denunciation of the building, it is certainly not a viable option. Good when buying apartments in District 2. Although the segment is cheap but considers carefully because nearly VND1 billion is not a small amount.

District 2 apartments cost less than 1 billion
Do not let the apartment dispute happen like a meal

Note the location of the project when buying a home in District 2

Is the traffic infrastructure system around District 2 apartment that you intend to buy develop? Are the apartment near your workplace and your child’s school? How distant from the apartment to the commercial center, market, hospital, supermarket, park? If you love the bustling urban living environment and do not want to move too far to these public utilities, choose a central location between these gadgets.

Legal procedures and terms of the contract

The fact is that investors can completely trap the terms of the contract to push all risks to customers. As a smart home buyer, do not put pen to sign a contract without knowing the content of the terms in it. It can leave you blank at any time. If you are not or less knowledgeable about legal procedures when buying a home, get help from an attorney. It is better to spend a small amount of money on lawyers than to lose a billion dong without buying a house.

District 2 apartments cost less than 1 billion
Trapping contracts can make you empty-handed

Check the quality of the work with the eyes of the expert

Do not be the flashy exterior of the house, because many people who bought the district 2 after a few months have to repair and renovate because the quality of the building degraded so fast. With the naked eye, a person with no specialization in construction is difficult to determine whether the apartment in district 2 is good and durable. This is much easier if you ask someone you know to help.

These are very basic factors when buying houses in District 2 in particular and buying houses in general. In addition, many other factors depend on the needs of homeowners such as feng shui, interior design, room layout that buyers will have to consider before deciding to buy a home. Hope our article can help you better when choosing to buy the apartment in District 2 in time of this diverse supply.

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