Appraising  housing projects, apartments: what do investors need to know?

The location of projects, utility complexes, reputation investors … are important factors that any real estate investors should know when self-assessing the product of the land that you care.

According to Realestatevietnam analysis and understanding, the price of apartments will be determined based on the main factors such as location, prestige investors, infrastructure – availability, legal, construction progress , quality of the building, location of the apartment, balcony direction, area, time of purchase. By evaluating, commenting and analyzing the above factors, you can fairly explain the price of a condominium (except for certain phases of the house or some particular case). Right now, we will go into the analysis of each specific element:

About the location of the apartment building

An apartment is beautiful, good location will make much higher prices. A beautiful location is in the inner city, on the big streets, the surrounding infrastructure is almost perfect … are always considered land gold. Of course, the price also makes the buyer “golden eye”. The location factor determines 50% of the price when the seller sells.

A prime location project will have a higher price than other projects

A prime location project will have a higher price than other projects

Regarding the prestige of the investor

Investor credibility is an important factor in evaluating the quality of construction but is ignored by many. An experienced investor and a reputable investor always set a higher selling price than other developers, even if they are building on one area.

About the progress of the project

The progress of the works depends on the capacity and capital of the investor. To be sure, you can choose to buy condominiums when the construction progress is roughly about 20% to 50% of the building or when the apartment is completed. But sometimes, buy early before the sale date you can buy the apartment with the original open sale, low price. As a rule, apartment buildings with fast and stable construction are always traded higher than the common market.

About infrastructure, utilities are available

Beside location, infrastructure and utilities are also important when evaluating projects

Beside location, infrastructure and utilities are also important when evaluating projects

The location factor has decided on the majority of the infrastructure. Consider the internal infrastructure of the apartment and adjacent infrastructure, beautiful and full infrastructure, of course, the value of the apartment a lot.


Apartment legal is of paramount importance, if you are not able to take the risk, choose the condominiums that have contracted sales and have roughly built up over 20% of the developers Prestige has been operating many apartments with people living in crowded. Of course, if you have enough cash, choose the perfect apartment complex is the best.

On the quality of works

The contract also clearly shows the quality of the works as well as the type of materials when the construction and finishing. However, considering the neighboring buildings of the same owner is the fastest way to evaluate the quality of the apartment in the future.

About the location of the apartment in the apartment building

The apartments from floors 8 to 16 are always traded at relatively higher prices than other floors. In Vietnam there is no concept of high-end apartment is really true (the higher the floor, the more expensive). The highest and lowest floors will usually be relatively cheaper. After the fire and the helpless fire department with apartments higher than the 18th floor, psychological fear of height is real. Corner apartments with two sides exposed also have higher prices.

Toward the balcony

Apartment with nice view balcony will usually cost more than the same floor

Apartment with nice view balcony will usually cost more than the same floor

With many people buying houses, apartments, balcony direction, doors, windows are also considered important. Buyers tend to choose flats in accordance with the year of birth, the fate of Oriental views; Or choose the apartment with nice view balcony, such as lake, park, flower garden … or choose the direction cool in summer, warm in winter as the southeast. The apartments have good balcony, nice view are higher price than other floors though.

About the area of ​​the apartment

beautiful apartment

Of course, apartment prices increase by area used

Apartment prices increase by area, the apartments have different areas, corresponding to the number of bedrooms 1-2-3 bedrooms. The two-bedroom apartments and areas in the area of ​​60sqm to 85sqm are often preferred because it suits the needs of the majority of buyers. The most expensive land is usually about 70m2, located in corner location with two sides, balcony south east, located on the beautiful floor number 8, 9,10, 12, 16, 18.

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