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Arranged Stairs Take Home Fortune

Besides the direction of the house and interior space decoration, the stair according to feng shui is a job that should be thoroughly researched before building.

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With multi-story buildings, the stairs are a very important part because it acts as a bridge connecting the floor together. In feng shui theory, improper stair arrangement can adversely affect the gas field of the whole house.

Arrangement of stairs to welcome home
Incorrect stair arrangement affects the gas field of the house

Things to avoid when building stairs

Although feng shui is a science that is difficult to explain it really affects the lives of people. Knowing some of the things to avoid when building stairs can help your homeowner avoid bad luck.

– Placing the stairs opposite the bedroom, bathroom, doors, the middle of the house or in front of the house can dissipate the vapor, creating a poisonous airflow into the house, affecting very badly to the job title. of the landlord. Building this staircase can also make people in the home more health problems, especially the head and neck.

– Building a spiral staircase will create uncomfortable dizziness for people to move up and down. This type of staircase is also committed to feng shui, creating holes in the home, causing the homeowner to spend money and sick often.

Arrangement of stairs to welcome home
Spiral staircase is not good for feng shui

– Build open stairs to disperse the gas of the house, especially dangerous for children when running, jumping.

– Using a red stair mat will create a feeling of insecurity.

– Utilize space at the bottom of the stairs to make stoves or toilets that will make the house hanker, bad gas cannot escape.

The secret to arrange the stairs to take home fortune

According to that, to arrange stairs according to Feng Shui, homeowners need to know some principles as follows:

– The best position to set the stairs is at a fixed angle of the house, not the elements of feng shui as mentioned above. Stairs should be built immediately if there is a carpet should use wood carpets

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Softly curved staircases are better than all other shapes, but curved shapes do not mean spirals.

Arrangement of stairs to welcome home
Softly curved staircase arrangement

– The number of stairs is calculated in order of birth-death – disease – Death should be calculated so that both begin and end are born. Accordingly, the best stairs are 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 22.

– Wooden, metal or concrete construction is a good feng shui layout because it creates a certainty and airflow for the house. On the sides of the stairs also need to be equipped with hand grip.

– Stairs should be hung for easy access and ensure the gas.

– The space under the stairs can be used as the bookshelf or a small vineyard to create ventilation for the house.

Although very simple, knowing the layout of the stairs in accordance with Feng Shui, homeowners will soon be able to take home, advance in work and have a full life.

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