Arrive Nha Trang To Overnight In The Container – New Style Hotel Pleasures?

These colorful stacked containers are actually the headquarters of CCASA hostel, one of the nice hotels in Nha Trang, where many young travelers stop.

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The name CCASA comes from Latin with Casa meaning “home” rustic. CCASA is full of Container Casa, or container house, which has orientated the breakthrough design and aesthetics of Nha Trang’s most popular hotel address.

With the “Four Ways of a Home” philosophy, CCASA brings together a whole host of young and enthusiastic people looking for new experiences as a family with a unique and friendly architecture.

Arrive Nha Trang overnight in the container

Owing to its youthful architecture, CCASA hostel is favored by young people

Container roof – breakaway hotel architecture

Old containers are combined with recycled materials to create a space that everyone must admire. Inside each warm, cozy container is a comfortable full room with a pillow-mattress, reading lights, electrical outlet, personal lockers for storage of belongings curtain pull for private space.

Overnight in a space that is both so close and so close will also give you the feeling of floating like a ship in the middle of the sea? Perhaps it is the feeling that “float” on the ground that CCASA brought back many souls of young people or move to rest at the “roof of the container”.

Arrive Nha Trang overnight in the container

Cozy hostel at CCASA hostel

Experience the “lack of privacy” at CCASA hostel

Perhaps because of the spirit of a shared home, the CCASA facilities revolve around human cohesion. A communal living area with comfortable kitchens, equipped with BBQ parties. The delicate wooden table is wrapped in a green vase on the back, suitable for saturated both the cool and the singing together. This promises to be the ideal meeting and exchange space between CCASA members.

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Arrive Nha Trang overnight in the container

The common living area is surrounded by vines

“Lost” between heaven and space multifunctional in the air

The most interesting feature of the CCASA is the rooftop terrace with a solid grid spread like a hammock across the sky waiting for people to explore. Read books, play piano, enjoy cafe or lie lazily to enjoy the air above what is still!

Arrive Nha Trang overnight in the container

Knit to see the sky,

Explore Nha Trang at your fingertips

With only 5 minutes each morning, you can take a leisurely stroll to the dawn beach. With 10-minute walk will take you to the market, where you can enjoy tasting the seafood. Also, renting a bike or traveling by bus is not a bad option if you want to try new experiences when exploring Nha Trang, especially with the facilities near CCASA.

Having impressive container architecture and unique connectivity features, CCASA hostel has moved beyond the “beautiful hotel” to capture the hearts of young travelers both domestically and internationally. An unforgettable spot in anyone’s trip to discover Nha Trang.

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