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Assessment on potential of Rosita Khang Dien project in district 9

rosita garden project

What are the advantages of the Rosita Garden townhouse project of Khang Dien Group? Please join with us to evaluate the potential of Rosita Garden Project from the development of Phu Huu Ward.

To assess the potential of a building, it is the first to have a look at the location. From the location in which the project is implemented, we can give many accurate assessments in favor of the investment plan. Here are some potential of Rosita Garden projects:

Location of Rosita Garden Project in Saigon East Area:

Before analyzing the potential, we will learn about the exact location of the project –in the East of Ho Chi Minh City – The land fund of Khang Dien is quite large, up to 100 ha of clean land (in which many works have been implemented).

Accordingly, Rosita Garden project is located in front of 990 Street, Phu Huu Ward, District 9. From this road to Nguyen Duy Trinh is only 500 m, about half a kilometer. As you know, Nguyen Duy Trinh Street is a key route of the East, connecting with many other wide roads getting to other parts of the city. It means that the traffic is also convenient.

Also from the project, you can move to Phu Huu Loi Circle only 2.5 km ( a few minutes to drive).

Looking at the regional links of the area around Rosita Garden Project, we can clearly see this. Specifically, through the Long Thanh Dau Giay highway – Mai Chi Tho – Thu Thiem Tunnel, you can reach the center of Thu Thiem New Urban in about 10 minutes, and 15 minutes to the center of District 1. You can also get to Phu My Hung urban area only in15 minutes, via Mai Chi Tho – Phu My bridge – Nguyen Van Linh … Not to mention to Hanoi Highway and other convenient public transport.

If you do directly visit the Rosita Garden Project site, you will see that the building is surrounded by a well-developed network of transportation infrastructure. Especially, because it is located on the access road to Phu Huu port, this area is very convenient for business and rental. You do not need to worry about the problem of traffic and dust, because of the closed design of Compound model, so the array of green plants inside can purify the air, bring cool air for residents living inside.

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If having mastered the location of the Rosita Garden Khang Dien Project, the wise investors will certainly appreciate the potential of the project. However, we still want to send you some analysis from experts about the potential development of Phu Huu ward in the present and future. From the potential of Phu Huu, you can link to the potential of Rosita Garden Project.

Accordingly, in recent years, Phu Huu Ward is constantly on the list of the most attractive land in the real estate market in Saigon. A series of large-scale projects in the high-end segment such as townhouses and villas are developed here. The reason why investors want to invest into this area instead of other location?

– Firstly, Phu Huu Ward has the most spacious land fund in district 9 with a pristine natural landscape, only this place is suitable to build the large scale project. Therefore, Phu Huu naturally becomes a place to attract investors with some projects including: Melosa Garden, Valora Kikyo, Villa Park, Lucasta …

Secondly, Phu Huu Ward owns the best infrastructure system of the whole East Ho Chi Minh City. This place has access to Long Thanh Dau Giay highway and Ring Road 2, near the main road to connect District 9 with all locations in the city … so travel is extremely convenient.

The above factors help real estate prices in Phu Huu ward always skyrocketed over time. You can compare the sales prices of the works in this area in the past few years to see clearly this issue.

Rosita Garden project is located in the center of Phu Huu ward, on the 990 Street, so the potential for development will be enormous. Rosita Garden townhouse is expected to be priced at VND3.2 billion per unit, but a few months later, this number will change very positively. Investing in Rosita Garden Khang Dien at this time is really a wise decision.

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