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The attraction of FLC Quang Binh Beach Resort & Golf Resort

Perspective of Oyster Shophouse.

Officially launched on April 8 in Hanoi, Quang Binh Beach Golf & Resort Resort immediately made the fever on the first day of booking reservations.

The record number

The launch of Quang Binh Beach Golf & Resort Resort attracted the participation of more than 20 agents and more than 2,000 investors. The success of the event exceeded the expectations of investors after 4 hours, the total number of products that agents to introduce in the event, equivalent to 850 units have been registered investors .

At the same time, the livestream event on Fanpage of FLC Quang Binh received over 4,000 interactive. Thousands of continuous product questions are sent to the owner

This official launch event is a chance for FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort to really boom after spreading the heat over the real estate market in recent weeks.

Strategy to “personalize” the product

Located in the area of ​​Hai Ninh Commune, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh FLC is a tourist resort complex is built according to international standards, including hotels, resorts, villas, commercial townhouses, golf courses.

With the size of nearly 2,000 hectares, this is the largest scale project invested by FLC Group, and also the largest project in Central Vietnam up to the present time. Products that are “personalized” to fit the needs of different audiences are the greatest strengths of the project.

FLC Lux Area - The Ocean Village.
FLC Lux Area – The Ocean Village.

As the “heart” of the population, the FLC Lux City suburb – The Ocean Village has an area of ​​over 10 hectares, including a wide variety of shophouse and villa products with sea view, golf course and street view.

Inspired by the most vibrant cities in the world, FLC Lux City – The Ocean Village is the perfect combination of brilliant Mediterranean architecture, impressive shopping space and crowded entertainment.

“FLC Group with successful experience with large scale projects in Quy Nhon, Sam Son, Ha Long is taking the right investment steps to bring into full play the strengths and potentials of Quang Binh.

The attraction, potential profitability of the FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort project is very large, evidenced by the land price in the vicinity of the project gradually increasing project progress, from around less than VND1 million up to VND6 million/ sqmand no sign of stopping, “said Tran Tuan Cuong, general director of Dai Phu Thanh Real Estate Joint Stock Company.

In addition to the villas, the 4 line shophouse is also carefully measured by the owner in terms of location and scale to meet the different needs of each customer.

Depending on the business purpose of mini hotels, homestays, cafes or restaurants, customers can choose Ocean Shophouse, Dolphin Shophouse, Shophouse Boutique Hotel or Oyster Shophouse. (festivals and food).

Perspective of Oyster Shophouse.
Perspective of Oyster Shophouse.

Land prices for Oyster Househouse ranged from VND9.6 to 12 million / sqm. The permanent possession of the red book will increase the legal validity of the products distributed by Dai Phu Thanh.

Mr. Luong Thanh Nhan, FLC Project Director of Dai Phu Thanh said: “Many customers buy 2-3 units, not only buy their own but also introduce to friends, relatives investment.

In addition to its prominent appeal from the Ocean Shophouse, Shophouse Boutique Hotel, the Oyster Shophouse, is creating an underwater fever for investors in a reasonably priced location. , high liquidity and the ability to increase prices certainly in a short time. This is not only a good product line, but also a foundation for the future of Quang Binh tourism infrastructure.

The policy “win-win-win”

According to the representative of the owner, the sales policy is thoroughly researched in the spirit of “win – win – win” for both developers, agents, and customers.

Specifically, with only VND100 million, investors have the opportunity to own a product of the largest real estate in the Central. After that, customers have 6-9 months to complete three small payment, equivalent to 40% of the contract value. If there is a need to borrow from the bank, customers will be supported 60% of the remaining contract value through 3 consecutive disbursements, with 0% interest within 12 months.

In addition, guests are also entitled to a free FLC Holiday holiday card valued at VND62 million on the whole resort system of the FLC Group. During their stay, guests will be free to use all facilities of the pool such as swimming pool, gym, spa, night zoo, theme park … according to the policy of the product.

With the advantages of the product in combination with the policy of attractive cooperation, many observers predict the attraction of Quang Binh FLC will continue to spread in the market in the future.

For more information, please contact Dai Phu Thanh Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company – Agent of Quang Binh Beach Golf & Resort Resort via hotline: 0911 92 2828/0905 056 455

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