Attraction from “smart condotel”

The Cocobay Complex has just opened for sale the last phase of Coco Skyline Resort project. In just a week, almost the entire apartments were sold out quickly.

Attraction by the difference

Cocobay launched to the market for the first time with a completely new line of products: resort and entertainment real estate. Not only resort, Cocobay is oriented towards the large-scale development of bustling, modern and extremely fun entertaining, shopping complex.

The Empire Group said it would invest entertainment facilities to keep visitors to stay “more than one day and one night”, make visitors “spend” money to enjoy more facilities. As customers use more services, stay longer, room capacity will increase, thus increase profitability for investors.

Upon harmonizing operation, Cocobay will have entertainment facilities including 82 multi-style restaurants, 102 commercial centers converging famous fashion brands, festivals and art performances first appeared in Vietnam …

It takes visitors more than a week to  experience all above utilities. And this period will bring more profit to the owner.

Another unique feature of Cocobay is that prior to operating in the form of profit sharing, the owner will commit  profit for customers. For example, Coco Skyline Resort is currently applied the minimum commitment of 12%/year for 8 years.

It means that with the initial investment of 560 million (40% of the condotel in Coco Skyline Resort, the 60% remaining will be lent by SHB), investor will receive about 168 million/year for 8 consecutive years. Custom (applies to condotel worth 1.4 billion).

By preliminary calculation, with this commitment, investor will receive capital back in a short time and help investors make a profit.

Smartest condotel of Cocobay

Coco Skyline Resort is the only condotel project of Cocobay. Each unit is equipped with closed-smart technology devices. The owner or visitor will find it easy to do all activities such as controlling electronic devices: television, air conditioning, lighting, sound system; curtains or opening or closing door by a smartphone.

Coco Skyline Resort is currently topped the roof. The owner said that the main contractor is mobilizing resources to accelerate the progress of the project. At this speed, Coco Skyline Resort is now being constructed faster than previously committed with its customers.

The representative of Empire Group said, “The Cocobay complex was commenced in June, 2016, and after a year of construction, we made a promise to customers to put the project into operation in phase 1. It is also similar to component projects, Empire Group will use all resources from personnel to finance to deliver on time. We believe this is the way to create trust for customers in Cocobay.

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Coco Skyline Resort also owns prime location in Cocobay Complex. The front is a bustling walking street, the bustling Boutique Hotel with its system of restaurant, pub, bar and café. The project is also adjacent to two world-class golf courses in Southeast Asia and Da Nang sea.

Presently, Coco Skyline Resort costs 1.4 billion per unit. In which, customer will pay the 560 million first, the rest will be supported by SHB bank in 20 years with preferential interest rates. SHB also commits to guarantee project progress to buyers.

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