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Attractions of District 7 Market

Real Estate District 7

The real estate market in District 7 “sprouts up” into attracting investors

District 7, the site is said to be warming up with a series of real estate projects sprouting up. This area is becoming an attraction for many investors. What is attracting investors in District 7?

In recent years, positive changes of real estate in District 7 with a series of projects such as Golden Land apartment, The Elysium apartment, Richlane Residences, Kenton Node, Saigon Peninsula, ECOGREEN SAIGON … District 7 real estate is increasingly strong, attracting the attention of investors.

Eco Green SaiGon Project
The real estate market in District 7 is becoming more and more powerful with a series of new projects of high quality

The attraction of real estate in District 7 lies in the following factors:

District 7 has a lot of new projects offering apartments such as Duc Long Golden Land apartment, The Elysium apartment, Sunrise City View, Florita … All show the excitement of District 7 According to the brokers, for every 10 calls they received, there were seven inquiries about real estate in District 7. It is also more noticeable that projects in District 7 recently appeared a lot on the mass media.

Another attraction of this real estate market is that District 7 has a prime location: It is adjacent to District 4, close to District 1 center and the transportation network has been improved price.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the real estate of District 7 is currently the market of high-end apartments, high quality .. One of the segments are in great demand of investors as well as many customers want to invest. Another factor is currently in the completion phase, preparing to hand over. Therefore, it stimulates the demand of customers quickly.

Kenton Node Project
District 7 has the presence of high-end projects with complete infrastructure and facilities

District 7 is the most ideal place in Saigon. With full facilities, entertainment, shopping, exhibition center, conference, hospital, university, … are easy and modern. So they buy not only to live but also to buy with the desire to profit in the future.

District 7 apartment with a lot of luxury apartments, meet the increasing demand of people’s lives. Therefore, this is the real estate market should invest most at this time. It offers many options as well as benefits for customers and investors.

Eco Green SaiGon District 7 project

Eco Green Saigon District 7 is a high rise apartment project developed by Xuan Mai Corp. Eco Green Sai Gon has a beautiful location on Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Eco Green Saigon is an old project redeployed. Previously it was invested by Hoan Cau Company Limited with the first name is Diamond City.

However, due to various reasons, Diamond City has been abandoned for many years. After many years of being abandoned. The project has been deployed by Xuan Mai Corp and resumed starting in January 2018.

The overview of Eco Green Sai Gon apartment project
The first spearhead project in Xuan Mai South’s Green Initiative named Eco Green Saigon District 7

Utilities provided by Eco Green Saigon District 7

The utility of the project campus is a very important factor, decisive to the transactional capabilities of the project. As today’s people’s lives improve, an apartment nowadays does not just mean to stay.

Understanding the importance of the utility system, Xuan Mai has provided more than 70% of the project area to implement auxiliary works, bringing residents a comfortable space, a modern life.

The impressive items of Eco Green Saigon project are listed below:

– Environment: The project has a large park running along the block. In the park there is a jogging track, fitness area, …. You can have a BBQ party on site.

Eco Green Sai Gon
The facility’s facilities account for 70% of the area. So it can meet the needs of residents very well

– Education: This is the most important issue, so Xuan Mai has won land fund for both nursery school, elementary school in the project area.

– About shopping: The residents can buy normal household items, or buy luxury items at the shopping center located on the second floor of the building. There are also cinemas, cafes, restaurants for you to enjoy, relax …

– Regarding physical training and sports: The project has a multi-purpose sports field, a modern gym, large swimming pool in each block, runway, …

– About security: multi-layer protection, 24/7 camera, swipe card system, …

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Almost all your needs will be met by the project. But if you want to experience more gadgets to enrich life. Then within 2-3km radius with just a few minutes walk, you can easily access other utilities such as:

– International hospitals and clinics such as FV Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Institute, French Hospital, …

– Famous universities, kindergartens and primary schools meet national standards. The nearest is RMIT University and Ton Duc Thang University.

– The shopping center with a lot of products of the famous brands, diverse entertainment and goods as: Crescent Mail, Vinmart, Parkson, Vivo City,

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