What Are The Attractions At The Top 4 Of Super Apartments In Vinhomes Skylake?

Following up on the success of modern apartments designed in green style in the urban area whose area of 32 hectares is for park and water area, Vinhomes Skylake continues to launch the top 4 of super apartments including Sky Villa, Penthouse, Shop Office and new 4 ++ apartment.

Prime location

Vinhomes Skylake is located at the intersection of Pham Hung and Duong Dinh Nghe, directly opposite Cau Giay Park.

In the location adjacent to the city’s “green lung”, the complex of 2.3 hectares is directly benefiting the cool nature including 32 hectares of green space, of which is a 19-hectare lake. Green space becomes the basis for the lives of future residents when the outside of windows of all apartments are a spacious pool and the clear sky.

Nature harmony – the sublimation of life is the inspiration for Vinhomes Skylake to bring the community the completely different living value.

Vinhomes Skylake project

Vinhomes Skylake is located at the intersection between the central axis and adjacent to the “green lung” of the city.

According to the urban development model and synchronous planning in the projects of Vingroup, Vinhomes Skylake developed with a full range of services and facilities. The project campus includes Vincom Plaza, skypool swimming pools, outdoor gyms, multi-purpose gymnasiums, VinMart supermarkets, Vinschool kindergartens, etc.

The top 4 of super apartments

Vinhomes Skylake introduces the top 4 of super apartments after the success of the introduction of standard apartments in the S1, S2, S3 buildings.

Like the “vedette” at the bottom of each collection, the Top 4 are four luxury apartments, including: Penthouse, Sky Villa, Shop Office and 4 ++. Penthouse and Sky Villa at Vinhomes Skylake impress because they stand out compared with “villa in the air” in other projects. All Penthouse and Sky Villa units offer 360-degree views of azure and blue color of water and sky. With a 4-meter to over 7 – meter height, these villas are an ideal place for living.

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Shop Office and 4 ++ impress investors and customers as these are new products. Shop Office is a space for office, commerce and service located in 1st and 2nd floor of the commercial podium of 3 high-rise apartments named S1, S2 and S3 in the project. With an area ranging from 265sqm to 383sqm, the Shop Office is suitable for all types of businesses and promises to attract large numbers of residents of the three towers and residents around the area. Because of limited quantity – only 18 units and the large demand, investors drew lots to decide the customers who can buy Shop Office on May 27, 2017. In particular, customers who are not entitled to buy Shop Office will be entitled to register to buy products 4 + apartment with many attractive policies.

Vinhomes Skylake project

Penthouse and Sky Villa Vinhomes Skylake is a great space for the “living” of the owners.

The 4 ++ smart product line continues to be a bright spot. The 4 ++ product is developed by the idea splitting 4 bedroom space. 4 ++ apartments are privileged in solution turning1 into 2 – dividing a 4- bedroom unit into 2 independent apartments: a 1-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom apartment or two 2-bedroom apartments. The 4 ++ apartment model is not only suitable for multi-generational families but also for rental investors as an optimal lucrative solution.

The heat of Vinhomes Skylake proves through selling more than 90% of apartments in just over 4 months of launch. The project is attractive with modern design, high-quality furniture and ideal green environment. 4 vedettes of  Vinhomes Skylake promise to continue to be 4 products to attract the great attention of customers and investors.

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