Attractive Liquidity From Officetel Apartment

Besides the type of apartment houses, many people are now quite interested in office apartments (also known as officetel apartments). Therefore, the question “How should investment in Officetel and the liquidity of this type of apartment” is certainly a matter of many people.

How are Officetel apartments attractive to investors?

Although many legal problems but the apartment – office (officetel) still attracts investors. Currently, the supply of officetel in Ho Chi Minh City, the level of interest of investors growing. Many well-known companies such as Hung Thinh, Novaland, Vingroup and Sacomreal are participating in this market.

In the South, East and West of the city, a number of projects have been officetel for the market such as: D-Vela, Sunrise Cityview, Jamona Heights, Hoang Quoc Viet (District 7), Sunrise Riverside (Nha Be), The Metro Avennue (District 2), River Gate, Masteri Millennium (District 4), Orchard Garden (Phu Nhuan District), Sky Center (Tan Binh District), Charmington La Pointe (District 10). Many investors are willing to pay down a lot of land to transfer, lease or open a business office.

Attractive liquidity from Officetel apartment

Model apartment Officetel

Officetel is a combination of apartment and office. With the “2 in 1” feature, this model is a new investment trend is more interested. Officetel has outstanding advantages such as favorable location, small area (25-50sqm), so the price is affordable big demand. This type of development is now strongly in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City – where economic growth and good infrastructure. Compared to conventional apartments, officetel prices are about 20 – 50% lower. The reason that the officetel apartment is cheaper than the usual apartment is that of its small area, not the owner’s permanent book, such as the type of apartment (Officetel has a term of 50 years).

In the past two years, the number of small and medium enterprises has increased sharply. This is the potential demand of the official model. For the young startup, the officetel model is quite suitable due to the low initial capital flow, convenient business location, integration of the need to live and work. In addition, retail investors can flexibly channel investment from the type of officetel. Specifically, investors lease or resell to private individuals, open representative offices, online businesses, and foreign experts working in Vietnam.

How is the Officetel apartment?

The sale price of each officetel varies from VND900 million to VND2 billion per unit, equivalent to 25-50 square meters. It is known that the same project opened for sale, the officetel sales faster, the transaction rate is higher than the success of traditional apartments. According to brokers, some projects open sale from the beginning of 2016 to now no product for sale although many investors ask to buy. According to records from the business, the amount of successful transactions type officetel is double compared to normal apartments. In the second quarter of 2017, Dream House Investment JSC offered 82 apartments of 168 apartments on the market. After one month of introducing, 100% of officetel offices were successfully traded, while the apartments were still more than half without owners.

Attractive liquidity from Officetel apartment

With officetel apartments, you can easily rent a small business

300 units of Charmington La Pointe (District 10) of Sacomreal have been purchased by the end of 2016. At present, some investors are resold for 5-15% of their initial price. buy into. The Sun Avennue (District 2) opened 161 apartments on July 8, over 70% of successful transactions on an open market. In the same area, 196 units of Centana will open in mid-2016 and sell out after two months. Investors are selling the units previously sold to the price difference of VND30-40 million per unit. In Ho Chi Minh City, some large investors such as Novaland, Sacomreal, Hung Thinh … also launched the officetel price of VND2-3 billion / unit and sell quite well.

An official selling price of the official after the average margin of 7% compared to the first period. According to brokers, the price of the next period increased from 30 to 100 million per unit compared with the opening period. Specifically, the Charmington La Pointe project offered for sale in the first phase in 2016 with the price from VND32 million/sqm, now the investors resell is VND40 million/sqm. Similarly, Kingston (Phu Nhuan District) is selling official at 2.5 – 3 billion dongs per unit. In the middle of 2016, the selling price is VND2 – 2.2 million per unit. According to the company than the apartment, the price increase of official type is lower from 3-10% (depending on location and project).

According to research, Officers in the center, such as District 4, District 1, District 7, Binh Thanh District such as Florita, River Gate, The Tresor, Vinhomes Central Park, Wilton Tower, Golden Mansion … are attracted by investors. Rental price after completion is quite high. For the area from VND36 – 40sqm rent ranges from VND12 to 22 million per unit per month. In addition, many investors now buy full-floor officetel to rent services by the day to meet the needs of tourist residence of foreigners or businessmen regularly to work in Saigon. The rent can be up to VND2.2 million per day for the area of 25-36sqm.

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