Attractive from Palm Garden apartment complex – Palm City

The Palm Garden apartment complex in District 2 is attracting a lot of attention not only from real estate investors but also those who want to buy. Why Palm Garden – Palm City is so attractive? Let realestatevietnam decode the reasons for this apartment division to become so hot.

Palm Garden owns a beautiful location in Palm City planning

Nam Rach Chiec urban area is considered by many real estate experts to be a beautiful, beautiful location with river view stretching over 2.7 km, along with extensive greenery system. . One of the most prominent projects in Nam Rach Rach is the Palm City of Keppel Land with the function of a modern urban area in the East of Ho Chi Minh City. Palm City is planned to include apartment, townhouse, villa and office buildings. Among them, the Palm Heights subdivision and the Palm Garden subdivision. Compared with Palm Heights (1.7ha), the Palm Garden is larger (1.9ha) and owns a better location when it lies right at the gong of the Giong Ong To River.

Palm City apartment

Perspective of Palm City project

From the Palm Garden subdivision in particular and the whole Palm City area in general, the residents easily connect the transportation network to District 1 (15 minutes along the inner ring road) to District 2 center (10 minutes by road Song Hanh) or connect District 7 via the ring road through Phu My Bridge.

In addition, surrounded by the Rach Chiec canal (a branch of the Saigon River), the Palm Garden apartment area can also take advantage of transportation – waterway travel and inherit the environment extremely comfortable, cool by the river.

The location of Palm Garden is also the focus of many real estate projects, houses, apartments such as Saigon Sports City, The Venica, Lake View City … This area promises to be an extreme place. In the near future, especially when the Rach Chiec Sports Complex has just been restarted by the City People’s Committee to serve Sea Games 31.

location of Palm city project

location of Palm city project

Palm Garden apartments selling price competitive in the area

The estimated selling price of Palm Garden apartments is quite attractive and competitive compared to the existing product lines in the same segment. Accordingly, with only VND2 billion to VND2.5 billion in hand you can own a high-class Palm Garden apartment and also an ideal residence in the East of Ho Chi Minh City.

Analysts from realestatevietnam showed that many high-end condominium projects in District 2 had an average asking price of VND45-65 million / sqm, of which the projects in Thanh My Loi area were offered for sale. The area of ​​An Phu – An Khanh is estimated at VND 60 million / sqm. The road of Song Hanh is in some places with price of VND 150 million / sqm.

Some high-end apartment projects with Palm Garden in District 2 such as Estella Heights are priced at VND50 million / sqm, Vista Verde is priced at VND35 million / sqm, The Sun Avenue is priced from VND38 million / sqm, Feliz En Vista price from VND39 million / sqm, Sala Dai Quang Minh offered price from VND50 million / sqm … From this price range, it can be said, selling price from VND45 to 55 million / sqm Palm Garden – Palm City is extremely competitive, especially the project comes from the very reputable investor on the market, Keppel Land.

This is also a prerequisite for investors to “pour money” into Palm Garden apartments in the first sale open with reasonable price and payment method is expected to be flexible.

Palm Heights

The drawing board of the city of Palm City

Palm Garden opens up high investment opportunities

Another factor that makes investors decide whether to put money into Palm Garden – Palm City is whether or not it is a high-return investment. It is easy to see that the housing market in District 2 is experiencing dramatic changes in infrastructure, making the projects here attractive and easy to sell or rent. Besides, when the Samsung factory is located in district 9, foreign experts will have high demand to rent houses around District 2 and District 9.

Also, in the future, when the new East Bus Station in District 9, Metro 1, Rach Chiec Sports Complex, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge … will come into operation will definitely pull a A large number of people come to live and work here. Palm Garden in particular and Palm City in general will be the first choice of experts from many parts of the world, creating liquidity for investors, at the same time, increase the potential for prices for apartments.

Palm Garden – Palm City: Products come from reputable investors

Keppel Land is one of the major and reputable real estate developers in Vietnam with a large land bank and a diverse portfolio of projects. The projects that Keppel Land has deployed can be referred to as: Villa Riviera, The Estella, Estella Heights, Riviera Point and Saigon Center. Coming next to Palm Garden – Palm City, Keppel Land has launched a series of projects “terrible” such as Empire City, Saigon Sports City …

Palm city project

Keppel Land is the main investor of the Palm City project

Meanwhile, Tien Phuoc Real Estate JSC is one of the veteran investors and developers in Vietnam. The most notable projects of Tien Phuoc include Le Meridien Hotel, Empire City and Senturia Gardens.

Finally, Tran Thai Co., Ltd. Tran Thai was established in 2001 and is principally engaged in the fields of real estate investment, real estate, tourism and hospitality, tourism and many other fields….

With well-known and reputable investors, understanding the life of the buyers will be a solid foundation for the value of Palm Garden – Palm City.

With its advanced load-bearing profile, it is possible to say that two Palm Heights apartments and Palm Garden apartments in Palm City are distinctly different from the “crowd” of hundreds of other apartment projects.

According to the analysis of the architect, due to the technique of using the prestressed concrete wall using prestressed concrete, the ability to bear high load should be less beams. In addition, the beam step divides the floor less so the beam is not cut across the house. These two factors make the inside of the home look nicer, the ceiling as well as the widest and most notably the dead corners in the house, facilitating the design and interior decoration.

Palm City

Palm Garden – Palm City apartment complex has a different wall structure than other projects on the market

One of the outstanding features of this technique can not fail to mention that it is easy to construct, the progress of handover of houses is favorable because it does not have to be paved. Construction time is expected to be shortened by 25% compared to normal brick wall construction but still provides a good strength with better bearing capacity.

However, when using the technology of bearing walls, contractors often have to use high-strength concrete and high-strength steel, costly construction costs, but the waterproofing ability is very good because of not cracking as when Apply the brick wall technique normally. This shows that the investor of the project is Keppel Land, paying special attention to the quality of the works, aiming for the best living conditions for each resident of the project rather than pursuing profit.

Palm City project

Beautiful design of Palm Garden apartments

A high-end residential project can not lack the appropriate quality of construction. Palm Garden – Palm City’s contractor has applied state-of-the-art construction techniques to ensure the quality of the home. This is the difference that attracts the urban Palm City in the eyes of investors, making the product basket always “fire”.

Palm Garden owns a complete system of utility and level

facilities of Palm City project

Local amenities in Palm Garden – Palm City project

Not only prominent architecture and construction techniques, Palm Garden Apartments – Palm City also creates a convenient system with a full range of lifestyle services from lion islands Singapore.

The most remarkable is the combination of 29 exquisite local amenities, including the international standard swimming pool, commercial center, amusement park, school system and hospital, gymnasium or children’s play area. This contributes to creating a life of utility with a wide range of services that meet all your essential needs right at your doorstep.

Civilized community

With the quality of life criteria, Keppel Land’s investor always wants to make Palm Garden – Palm City District 2 the most worth living project in the world. living in harmony with the natural green with the community of civilization, humanity and prosperity. In addition, the 24/7 security system helps ensure a safe and secure life for you and your family.

Civilized community

Palm Garden – Palm City is one of the most desirable projects in the East of Ho Chi Minh City

In addition, Palm Garden – Palm City District 2 also brings families a perfect living environment to enjoy life, improve health with low building density, the project area is largely concentrated for green spaces and natural scenery.

With information on the Palm Garden – Palm City apartment division above, realestatevietnam hopes to be able to provide customers with an overview of the project. For a better understanding of the Palm Garden and Palm City subdivisions in general, you can download the Palm City Analysis and Assessment document completely free of charge:

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