Attractive Policy And Price At Opal Saigon Pearl

Opal Saigon Pearl apartment not only owns a prime location, modern facilities and services, but also offers customers an ideal apartment with attractive price policy.

Assuring you 100% is that when seeing the apartment tower of Opal Saigon Pearl, announced by investors Vietnamland SSG (SSG Group), you will enjoy because rarely when a high project such levels are entitled to great incentive policies.

Having an ideal living space and attractive discount with super reasonable price, Saigon Pearl Building will undoubtedly be the real estate received the most attention in 2017.

  1. Brief introduction of the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment building for interested customers:

You will only see the appeal of Opal Saigon Pearl’s pricing policy when you understand the structure, potential and great things that the project brings to the residents (or investors). Therefore, in this section we are allowed to briefly introduce the project Opal Saigon Pearl apartment for you to update more information, then compare with the price to see the incentives.

The Binh Thanh District apartment project and Opal Saigon Pearl apartment building are major items of the third phase and also the last phase of the Saigon Pearl project. Currently, the two villas and shophouse of Saigon Pearl have come into operation, only the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment building is complete. This high-rise building project is divided into two main functions, one for the modern corporate office and two for the families. The apartments can be converted using functions according to the purpose of the owner, so it is flexible for all objects selected.

Opal Saigon Pearl Apartments

Total project of Opal Saigon Pearl Apartments

In addition to the comfortable apartments, the Opal Saigon Pearl Building also built the ground floor and several floors to provide the utmost convenience to residents, including department stores, supermarkets, swimming pools, Gym room and community living area … It is possible that only the utility in the building you will see quite a bit, however, you can rest assured on this issue, by the Opal Saigon Pearl in Saigon Pearl and enjoy all the benefits of the internal and external areas included in the total project. If only in terms of local utility, assure that your life is royal.

Located on the bank of the Saigon River with one side of Nguyen Huu Canh Street, the apartment in the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment building has an impressive view of the immense river, the green trees and much natural scenery. In the quiet side of the party, you will enjoy the harmony of modern and traditional here.

Although located in the center of Saigon, the Opal Saigon Pearl is still completely separate from the outside world. It means that living without noise, the danger of stalking.

If you want to find a long-term residence and financial conditions, you should choose an apartment in the Opal Saigon Pearl Tower to experience the elite upper-class living. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose an apartment suitable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Of course the price of the apartment will fluctuate based on the area you choose.

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  1. Super attractive price policy at opal apartment project Saigon Pearl:

Part 1 above briefed about the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment project. We hope you know the basics of this luxury apartment, and then look at pricing policy to make it easier to understand.

Accordingly, the owner of the SSG has announced the price of super attractive apartments from $1620 per sqm (VAT). Currently, the project has begun to receive reservations with many useful incentives. Specifically, when you book early, you will receive a discount of 5% on the total value of the apartment. For customers “buy wholesale” (buyers for long-term investment, short term, surfing …) will be discounted 6% when buying from 5 units or more. At the same time, you will be introduced to the banks with low-interest rates in the long run, easy to turn the capital.

Customers buying apartments Opal Saigon Pearl’s payment according to schedule as follows:

Expected Opal Saigon Pearl apartment will be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2019, you can always stay or rent immediately without repair, equipped with any furniture because all amenities have been equipped enough.

In addition to attractive discount policy, buyers of Opal Saigon Pearl also can apply to flexible payment policy. When depositing, the price is only 8798 USD / unit (will be refunded if you do not choose to buy anymore), from that time until signing the contract, you will be divided into 3 more payments. Each period is only 10%. The remaining 70%, guests will be facilitated by investors to split into several batches, ensuring the payment is flexible and easier.

From now on, please contact us for more information about the Opal Saigon Pearl. If you are interested, you can make early reservations to buy soft houses (because the apartment in this place is forecast to increase continuously over time).

In addition to the Opal Saigon Pearl apartment project you should also refer to Pearl Sunwah apartment tower near the Opal Saigon Pearl tower, which is also preparing to be launched.

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