Attractive sales policy at Block A, B Jamila Khang Dien project

With the price policy and attractive payment methods, the first sale of Jamila Khang Dien apartment project in District 9 was successful.

Khang Dien has continued to sell Block A and Block B with its own sales policy to gratify customers.

More than 400 Block C and D apartments were sold  on the first day of sale. Expected on 23/07/2017 to Jamila Khang Dien will continue to open two blocks of beautiful projects – block A and block B, expected price  is from 23.9 million / sqm (slightly increased from 2-3 % Compared to blocks C and D). At the same time, the customers also apply the new payment method and many other incentives when buying the apartment second.

Jamila Khang Dien’s Block C & D payment method

Jamila Khang Dien, Palm City, Lakeview City are located along the highway, only 1 minute walk away, but Jamila Khang Dien is cheaper 25-30%. Especially, customers buying Jamila Khang Dien apartments – location district 9 – adjacent to District 2, paid flexibly.


Jamila Khang Dien Apartment Project scene

Standard payment method 12 times announced by the investor during the first open sale on 21/5/2017 as follows:

  • Pile 50 million / unit to order
  • 1st payment: 10% payment, including deposit, deposit agreement
  • 2nd payment: 20% payment, purchase contract (SC)
  • 3rd payment: Pay 5%, after 2 months signing the contract
  • 4th payment: Pay 5%, after 4 months signing the contract
  • 5th payment: Pay 5%, after 6 months signing the contract
  • 6th payment: Pay 5%, after 8 months signing the contract
  • 7th payment: Payment of 5%, after 10 months of signing SC
  • 8th payment: Pay 5%, after 12 months signing the contract
  • 9th payment: Pay 5%, after 14 months of signing SC
  • 10th payment: Pay 5%, after 16 months signing the contract
  • 11th payment: Pay 25% + 2% maintenance fee + management fee when receiving the house
  • 12th payment: Pay 5%, receive pink book

Privilege for quick payment

  • 95% payment on signing sales contract, discount 8%
  • Pay 70% when signing sales contract, discount 4%

Loan support policy

VietinBank and Vietcombank provide loans to 80% of the value of the property, interest rates ranging from 7.5-10% within 15-20 years.

Jamila Khang Dien Wholesale Offer:

  • Buy 2-3 units: discount 1%
  • Buy 4-6 units: discount 1.5%
  • Buy 7 units: discount 2%

Discount form: Discount is converted into cash and is offered as soon as the customer completes HDMB signing and payment phase 2 (accumulated 30%).

Applicable subject: The subject of the contract must be the same person or spouse, parents, children and siblings, and shall be evidenced by a valid document (birth certificate, Kiss, litter, …).

  1. Block A & B sales plan phase 2 and draw program when attending the event
  2. Payment policy

Target audience: Clients pay 50 million and simultaneously sign a deposit agreement to buy Jamila Khang Dien apartments.

Period of application: On the day of the event Announcement of promotion program – Jamila Khang Dien project.

Payment schedule is expected when customers sign the HDB, divided into 12 waves:

Signed deposit agreement (PSC): payment 50 million

Stage 1: Within 10 days from the signing date, 10% payment (including 50 million)

Stage 2: Signed SC, pay 20%

Stage 3: Within 2 months from the signing date of the SC, payment of 5%

Stage 4: Within 4 months from the signing date, 5%

Stage 5: Within 6 months from signing the plan, pay 5%

Stage 6: Within 8 months from the signing date of the SC, payment of 5%

Stage 7: Within 10 months from signing the plan, pay 5%

Stage 8: Within 12 months from the signing date of the SC, payment of 5%

Stage 9: Within 14 months from signing the plan, pay 5%

Stage 10: Within 16 months from the signing date, paying 5%

Stage 11: Transfer of apartments, payment 25% + 2% maintenance fund + 1 year management fee

Stage 12: Notice of receiving the certificate of housing ownership, payment of 5%


Condition of handover: 70% of customers pay at the same time 25% of the total amount + 2% of maintenance fund +1 year management fee

The signing of the project is scheduled for December 2017

Proposed handover time: June 20119

The proposed financial assistance program

Program 1: Customers pay over schedule

Program 2: Customers are entitled to 0% interest rate loans in the first 12 months

Program 3: Customers get 0% interest rate loans in the first 24 months

Program 4: 50% customer pay and 1% monthly installment payment within 45 months

Preferential policies when customers sign the SC

For wholesalers:

Customers buying from 02 units or more are entitled to the following preferential policies:

Buy 2-3 units: discount 1%

Buy 4-6 units: discount 1.5%

Buy from 7 units: discount 2%

For loyal customers:

Discounted 1% (on the total value of the contract plus VAT) for loyal customers when signing the new apartment purchase contract in Jamila Khang Dien project.

Sales policies when customers sign the SC

For customers attending the open sale event Block A:

Customers to attend block A open event will be lucky draw, including:

  • the first prize: 7kg Aqua washer
  • 10 consolation prizes: Samsung vacuum cleaner

General Rules: In order to receive the prize, the customer must have the right name as stated on the lucky draw, and the investor shall be liable for taxes related to the receipt of prizes and gifts which are not converted into cash.

For customers deposit:

Guests who deposit a full 50 million at the time of the deposit contract to buy new apartments in Jamila Khang Dien project will be eligible to participate in lucky draw, including:

  • the first prize: 1 Maldives trip (5 days) for 2 persons
  • the second prize: iphone 7 plus
  • 2 the third prizes: 2 smart tivi samsung 40 Inch
  • 10 consolation prizes: Aqua refrigerator

General provisions: Conditions for receiving prizes, customers have signed the SC and paid 30%, gifts are converted into cash, customers are subject to taxes related to the receipt of winning gifts.

For customers signing the contract:

Sales Policy 1: Buy Jamila Khang Dien owned car Honda Civic 2017

  • Subjects: All customers who bought Jamila Apartments from May 21, 2017 to the time of the last sale
  • Gift receipt: The gift is not converted into cash
  • Condition to receive gifts: Customers complete signing the contract, pay 30%

Sales Policy 2: “Give each bedroom one air conditioner”

  • Beneficiary: The customer pays $ 50 million and signs a new deposit agreement for the Jamila apartment on the date of the block A referral event.
  • Gift receiving form: converted into cash
  • Conditions for receiving gifts: Customers complete the purchase contract and pay 30%

Note: Sales policy 2 applies concurrently with sales policy 1

We will soon update the latest information, official from the owner right in Jamila Khang Dien’s second sales opening event. Please keep up with the latest updates in the Vietnam Real Estate Market.

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