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 The attractive and wonderful advantages have only in Swan Bay Long Phuoc

Project Swan Park

Swan Bay Dai Phuoc is an attractive product to all customers when located on Dai Phuoc island with scale up to 200 hectares, with the investor is CFLD Group. Construction density is only 17% distributed throughout the project.

The remaining area of ​​the Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project is for public utilities, serving the life of residents such as: swimming pool; green Park; play area for children.

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Swan Bay is also located on Dai Phuoc island surrounded by the romantic Saigon river with convenient connections. Therefore, this is the place where convergence of natural beauty is charming because of the dynamism of the modern urban area. The project is located at the intersection of nature, creating inner peace. The urban area is adjacent to District 9 – Ho Chi Minh City.

Swan Bay – a perfect retreat for the residents

The Swan Bay project is considered the No. 1 residential home for residents because everyone enjoys a living space that is boldly resorted to; Fresh and cool environment, away from the dust, noise …, especially help people have a life as in a world separated from the outside world.

Green living environment Swan Bay
Green living environment Swan Bay

Moreover, SwanBay has been fully, intermixed and reasonable by major utility chains such as green parks; Children’s play area; standard swimming pool; tennis course; coffee shop; convenience stores; future residents of the Swan Bay project have a place of birth with a variety of recreational activities such as fishing; Picnic with family and friends at BBQ outdoor BBQ helps to connect the neighborhood.

Swan Bay – the only jewel in the East of Saigon

Swan Bay – a landmark project when choosing a location for yourself on Dai Phuoc Island, this is a beautiful island in the East of Saigon. Swan Bay is surrounded by the romantic Saigon River, the sides are adjacent to the river. Besides, the Swan Bay Dong Nai project is located in a strategically located area at the eastern gateway connecting to Long Thanh International Airport; Highway 51; Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway; Expressway Ben Luc – Long Thanh.

The advantage of lying on Dai Phuoc island for that project is to put on the beauty of nature that not everywhere. Helping residents close to the nature of the river, peace from the inside but still ensure the sophistication and class. Everything is converging in Swan Bay Dai Phuoc.

Project Swan Park
Project Swan Park

Swan Bay is considered as the only jewel in the East of Saigon, located in the Swan City Ecotourism Urban Area, owned by Fortune Land Development Co. Currently FLDC Group is also implementing the project of Swan Park Dai Phuoc in Dong Nai, also invested capital large capital, providing customers with diversified types of products. Swan Bay Dai Phuoc is considered to be the best resort of its kind.

Swan Bay urban area with its unique water drop shape, adjacent to district 2 and district 9, brings residents a green, fresh and natural life close to the gateway to the East of Sai This. Certainly with outstanding values ​​at the project will satisfy all requirements of many customers.

Become a resident of the project, you and your family will have moments of relaxation together, customers can be completely assured when choosing villas / townhouses to invest in profit for the future.

All information about Swan Bay Dai Phuoc project, please contact our business hotline for advice and guidance.

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