Be alarming when investing in worth “billions” calculation

Most investors tend to choose real estate for billions worth billions calculation, but many wonder whether it is a perfect solution on location, liquidity and long-term price rising ability.

One of the biggest advantages of Sai Gon real estate market is that the demand is always high, buying and renting volume is large. However, the possibility of increasing prices of inner-city houses is not necessarily a bright future. In fact, the maintenance and upgrading of worth billions house from depreciation due to depreciation of assets after years of use is always very expensive.

With an investment of 5 billion, it is not difficult to buy a house in Saigon, but It is not easy to find a townhouse or high-class apartment located in the center, ensuring high liquidity and high investment efficiency.

Not to mention to the central location often goes together with the limitation in terms of area, complicated procedures and difficulties when borrowing, buying a house in Saigon center is an easy choice from the start  but difficult in the long term!

In the context when the beach villas market is bustling by the attraction from space and utility and the sustainable investment value, The Coast Villas Phu Quoc has become the focus of many investors.

Located in the center of Bai Truongs, Phu Quoc where is becoming a world class resort, The Coast Villas is benefited from the potential for a high price increase when a series of tourism projects, transport infrastructure are strongly invested.

In addition to the wide range of local amenities including private swimming pool, clubhouse, commercial, cuisine and entertainment centre. It is very easy to access to Bai Truong beach, conventional center, sea square, international airport or Duong Dong town.., ensuring high rate of residing occupancy.

The occupancy rate has also risen higher during the peak season thanks to the management team from the American brand – the top 5 largest hotel groups in the world’s, shortening the payback period to seven years.

In addition to the good exploiting ability, this leading management unit also helps you solve the issue of long-term asset value maintenance problems. So, investors can both rent for profit and benefit from future price increases.

Possessing many strengths in long term investment, but the amount invested in The Coast Villas Phu Quoc is only under 5 billion. According to the representative of the investor, the project is applying the program of immediately receiving profit up to 2 billion when signing the contract.

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