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Be Careful Not To Make 11 Errors Feng Shui Housing

Besides the aesthetic and comfort factors, feng shui houses are also very important for homeowners when deciding to build a house or buy a new home.

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Feng shui houses have a great impact on the health and well-being of its members, especially the breadwinner. However, because of lack of knowledge about feng shui, many people still make basic mistakes. Let’s see if your house has any of those errors!

11 common feng shui errors

– To lower the floor surface: This makes the front of the house always have obstacles, the gas field is difficult to enter, but the gas is difficult to get out. Not to mention the rainy season, the water from the street will drain into the house causing flooding. To overcome this, the only way to do is to elevate the floor of the house.

– Front yard, the back yard is too wide: Although this makes the house looks cooler when buying a house or building new, these are not good factors for feng shui. The front yard is so wide that the house is dormant inside, homeowners will often be annoyed in the relationship with friends and neighbors. The backyard is big, but it feels empty. The space in these locations can be filled with a few ornamental bushes such as kernels, orchids, money, and tiger’s tongue.

11 errors feng shui housing
Planting trees to overcome the front yard too wide

– Build a fence too close or too close to the main door: Not only affect the aesthetics but also make the sight obscured, the air is not good. According to Feng Shui houses, the wall should be about 1.5m high and at least 20-30cm from the house.

– Slope behind the house: The house must have a solid place to rely on, if the house is slope, money, health will quickly follow this slope lost. In order to neutralize, the landlord can plant trees or install large lights at the back of the house.

– Beam design in the living room: Causing the atmosphere to become heavy, people arise anxious anxiety, nervous, cramped.

– The toilet, bathroom near or opposite the door: This is the common design of the apartment to save space but it is not really good for feng shui housing. The toilet is the place to excrete the waste, if placed right at the door, it will block the entrance of the airfield, while in the opposite position it will make all of this airflow straight into the toilet. then swept away by the water. If you have bought this type of designer, the homeowner should pay close attention when finished use.

– Arrange the toilet near the stove: Make the bacteria from the toilet fly into the food, affecting the health of the whole family. Homeowners should overcome by placing a pot in front of the toilet.

– Toilet layout in the bedroom: Not good for health, directly affect sleep, although it is very convenient during use. If this is the case, homeowners need to keep the toilet clean and closed every time they come in and out.

11 errors feng shui housing
Toilet in the bedroom although very convenient but not good for feng shui housing

– Put the mirror opposite the bed: Will make people sleep or wake up in the middle of the night. If you wake up looking straight into the mirror can see the image is very scary, absolutely must avoid.

– Put the kitchen near the bed: The heat and the smell of food from the kitchen will fly out and into the mats, irritating and affect the quality of sleep.

– Put the stove near the window or near the sink: The fire is extinguished by water and wind, causing difficulty in cooking as well as bad influence on the health of the family.

The above are the most common feng shui errors when buying a home or building a new home. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned how to overcome them to protect the health and well-being of the whole family.

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