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Be Careful When Choosing An Apartment In  District 7

Apartment for Rent District 7

Currently, the number of consumers looking for apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City to live, work is extremely large.

However, finding this to fit the needs of life, while balancing the monthly income and avoid being fooled is not easy. Therefore, you should learn together with the secret to choosing apartments in District 7 to ensure your interests.

Find out about District 7 apartment for rent

Before dropping the rental apartments in District 7, customers need to know thoroughly about the apartment that they intend to rent to make the right decision. Accordingly, factors that need to be considered when renting a serviced apartment in District 7 must be in line with the needs and best serve the customers.

According to a survey of over 100 customers renting apartments in District 7, they are particularly interested in factors such as location, design, area, and utility of the apartment.

Apartment for Rent District 7
The demand for large apartment District 7

Specifically: depending on the number of family members that customers will have the choice of different areas and amenities. If you are only single or 2 people are quite busy work, you can choose apartments with an area less than 30m2 with 1 bedroom. In contrast, if you need to rent apartments for 3 generations, you need a larger area of about 40sqm with 3 bedrooms for living and rest.

Apartment for Rent District 7
Design and usability are two of the top priorities for our customers

The thorough study of the information can give you a basic idea of the price of an apartment, easily negotiated with the landlord for a more reasonable price. The price of the apartment for rent varies depending on the apartment, the interior, the direction of the house, the living room .. On the other hand, you should also ask more about related issues such as monthly service fees, electricity, water, fiber, … you can ask this to the broker because they will be quite clear about this issue of apartment in District 7 that you are inquiring.

Avoid being “locked up” when choosing apartments in District 7

To be able to rent apartments in District 7 satisfactorily, customers should pay special attention to the following issues to avoid being “angry” when trading.

First, you should contact before you go to the apartment and confirm that the person you are contacting is the broker or landlord. If you are the owner of an apartment for rent in District 7, you should ask for basic information about it such as address, apartment price, electric charge, etc.

Apartment for Rent District 7
Customers need to find out the apartment wants to carefully avoid the situation “bargain” or price pressure

If the person you are contacting is a broker, please identify the information such as the service fee when you take the apartment. If it is too expensive, it is best to find another apartment or pay only when renting an apartment. Avoid paying home service charges before you rent an apartment, or have a clear contract for the apartment search service to avoid having to pay the brokerage fees. These are the concerns that you should consider when renting apartments in District 7.

When making a lease on a 7th fl, you should carefully consider some of the following points to avoid possible misrepresentation.

Verify the landlord: You must ask the landlord to present your identity card, copy of registration to confirm eligibility, contract with the landlord (when they are the second owner), title On the other hand, you should also check the status of the apartment you want to rent as collateral or not to avoid the case where the bank or the disputant does not allow you to use the apartment when renting.

The landlord should make sure the tenant is financially able to pay the rent. In addition, the owner of the apartment should also ask the tenants to provide enough information about the occupation, income, credit capacity, … to ensure the money to be rented to avoid dispute later…

With the simple tips in the article, hope that you will find your apartment in District 7 in accordance with your conditions, financial ability. Whether the apartment is cheap or not, it must be remembered carefully when hiring to achieve the ideal living space without losing money unfairly by fraudulent trick.

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