The beautiful of Hoi An ancient town

The ancient town of Hoi An is a very novel place, which is a combination of French houses, Japanese temples and wooden houses of Chinese merchants.

However, the integration of culture and architecture here is not the only impression. What is most prominent when visitors step foot in this ancient city is the rich yellow color of most of the houses here.

The houses are dyed yellow

The first impression of many tourists both at home and abroad when coming to Hoi An ancient town that is the attraction of the house is dyed yellow features close together.

Why is it so yellow? According to the theory, many people think that yellow is the color of the royal family. There are also some people who think that yellow is less heat absorbing, suited to the humid, tropical climate of Vietnam.

Whatever the reason, the yellow color here is still the beautiful culture of Vietnam, it symbolizes luck, national pride. Most of the ancestors in the family of the Vietnamese are placed flowers and gold-plated decorations.

The houses are dyed yellow

The first impression of visitors when coming to Hoi An is the attraction of the house is dyed gold characteristics

In Hoi An there are now nearly 1,000 ancient houses. And 844 of them are on the list of UNESCO’s cultural heritage. The impressive ancient city landscape here attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit every year. And this is a stopping place that many photographers choose.

Photographer Réhahn – who has a long time sticking with Hoi An has commented: “Hoi An like an outdoor gallery. Natural light and yellow walls create the perfect backdrop for any subject and it constantly inspires me. “

Hoi An ancient town is preserved very strict, so it retains the traditional wooden architecture of the 17-18 century with the old streets, ditches, bridges and golden walls remain intact. to today. It can be said that this is a permanent space, over hundreds of years has not changed.

Hoi An

Hoi An remains the traditional wooden architecture of the 17-18 century

The buildings in the Old Quarter are very nicely designed: the entrance is outside the street, but the back door opens to the Thu Bon River, which makes it easier to carry cargo by boat. . In addition, the streets here are divided into many branches to lead the narrow paths.

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Seeing the image of the sun rising in Hoi An will also feel very attractive. Sunlight on the wall of gold will create a beautiful morning scenery city. In the silence of a new day combined with the rare noise that you can hear it is the broom of workers who are cleaning the streets.

It is not difficult to see the local people having breakfast around the Japanese bridge on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and Tran Phu Street.

From an elevated viewpoint, Hoi An is beautifully displayed with a deep calmness, as well as a mesmerizing picture with mossy roofs and mesmerizing Thu Bon river running through the city.

In Hoi An old town, the tallest houses are only three stories high. And that is where many visitors choose to see the panoramic view of the world heritage from above.

If you have to find out about Hoi An you will have seen many pictures of photographers taking pictures of the beautiful old city. But with the image of “Hoi An tile” by photographer Vo Rin, visitors will enjoy the panoramic view of Hoi An with a completely different perspective. That is the very image he has made in. several days.

Hoi An - Where to keep the nostalgic beauty, romance

Most of the houses in the old town of Hoi An are traditional architectural style

In addition, what makes Hoi An always win the great affection of visitors is the calm atmosphere in the day and the excitement, bustling but not too crowded in the afternoon.

You will have many choices when traveling in Hoi An, you can choose a boat tour on the Thu Bon River; or cycle around the alleyways, alleys to explore the whole place.

Whatever the way, but there is a place you need when still in Hoi An is the bridge – a Japanese-style building built in the early 17th century.

Compared to Bach Dang Street, when passing An Hoi Bridge to the other side of the river to Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, you will feel the space is more spacious, cool. This is where regular festivals, games or large art exhibitions take place.

Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam to be preserved and developed. Hopefully, this beautiful old town will keep the charm, and unique nature of its own.

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