Before Buying A House, You Should Keep In Mind 9 Tips

To make your home buying process safer and more convenient, Vietnam real estate offers 10 tips to buy home

First Tip: Determine if you really need to buy a home?

The question is, what about the particular circumstances of each individual, the purchase and ownership of a home that is really necessary and important? Some people will tell you that renting a home is throwing money through the window, but there are actually a lot of benefits to renting, especially if you have to relocate a lot due to work or hobby requirements.

Second tip: It is not necessary to listen to the opinions of others

When you announce your intention to buy a home, rest assured that your friends and family members will become consultants with a wealth of advice, usually good intentions. But remember that there are true principles in the past, but not true in the present, or true to one, but not to others in a constantly changing real estate market. So, consult with other people and choose the best ideas for you.

Before buying a house, you should kêp in mind 9 tips

When buying a home, you should consult many people for the best option

Third tip: Spend time and energy trying to find the perfect home, do not rush

When you go to see the house, do not hesitate to tilt carefully. Use your senses to check the house, use your hands, knock, check the equipment, test the water in the toilet, turn on the air conditioning, walk around the building, look at the Neighborhood gadgets … There are countless things you can check out to make sure that after you buy, you do not have to say “I’ll be careful!”

With housing projects not yet formed (also known as future housing projects), it is best to thoroughly investigate the information of the investor and the contractor for the project, It has been put into use by the Employer for quality inspection. If you have time, ask the resident there, talk to the company staff to feel the way they work. There are countless ways to collect information, be creative and alert.

Fourth tip: If possible, ask for help from real estate brokers or friends working in real estate.

In developed markets, there is a job called Home Inspector to help buyers avoid unnecessary repair costs later on. In Vietnam, this job is not available, so it is best to ask a friend in the real estate industry, the construction industry to find out the quality of the work. About the contract, choose a large notary public, prestige, carefully read the contract and consult the broker whether to amend or add anything. Choose brokers experienced, professional, need to express the attitude when the broker is biased seller (the brokerage fees paid). Remember that you are the only one who has to withdraw money here.

Before buying a house, you should keep in mind 9 tips

The basic elements you should know when buying a home

Fifth tip: Do not hesitate to give a negative response

When considering a bad deal, do not be afraid to refuse it straight out, even if the landlord is very good with you, or the broker has put a lot of effort into you. Remember that it is natural for the seller to be happy, and the broker is required to do so. There are many real estate sales on the market and choosing carefully is your task. Remember that home buying is a fair financial bet, in which the terms you set should be met.

Sixth Tip: Comfortably bargain for the price

If you are hesitant in negotiating the price, you can ask the agent to represent you, but you will not be sure that the broker will pay the price for you. As a buyer, you need to hold and deliver clear messages to both the seller and the broker.

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Seventh tip: Be on the lookout for brokers you do not trust

Real estate brokers are professional sellers. They will have a way to make you feel that the house you are looking at is perfect, and if you do not fast-forward, someone else will drop your hand. If you feel that you are under pressure, more or less, take a moment to consider. Here you are the active person, not the other.

Eight tips: Buying a home that suits your pocket

When buying a home, it’s best to just buy in your existing financial situation, and in case you decide to borrow more to buy something more expensive, base your budget on the actual repayment capacity. Not above the maximum, you can borrow.

Before buying a house, you should keep in mind 9 tips

Do not buy a home in a forced manner

Even if you are sure that in the next two years you will have more income, you will still see that increasing income means more demand: children, furniture, cars, travel … are expense fees. Make sure you have something in your bag after the purchase to continue living the way you want.

Ninth tip: Finding a home can be longer than you think, do not be impatient

Do not rely on someone else’s plan and do not make it difficult for you to find a home longer than you expect (for example, to overturn your home, or to sell your home). If you are renting, it is best to negotiate a month’s rent so that you can move out at any time without penalty. In short, do not go home buying in the heart of being forced, make decisions in a hurry. In fact, this also applies to all sellers, regardless of who deals in the impatience they are most likely to lose.

To sum it up, buying a house to settle is a big deal, so many people only do it one or two times in their lives. Then there is no reason why you should hurry, consider this as a “personal project” that needs to be carefully researched, and proceeded step by step. Listen to the advice of experienced people, then choose the right decision.

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