Being Dizzy Because The CEO Of Realty Asset Company Is “Disappeared”

On 24th August, Colonel Nguyen Trong Ha, Chief of Economic Police of Public Security in Dak Lak Province said that he decided to prosecute the case of “Cheating to usurp the property” which is occurred at Ban Me Realty Asset Company (located at 296 Le Duan Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City).

According to investing agency, Ban Me Realty Asset Company was founded in December 2015 and it has a CEO named Nguyen Thi Luu, with different types of business like advising, broking, auctioning realty assets, auctioning land using.

Breaking apart because the director of real estate Ban Me

The headquarters of Ban Me Real Estate Company closed down dormant

In the beginning of March 2017, this company opened to sell hundreds of foundation land at many projects like Semi-detached house at 226 Le Duan Street, Buon Ma Thuot City; Pine Hills Project at Ea Tam Ward; foundation land of belt at Cu Ea Bua Parish; foundation land of villas surrounded other main streets with “favorable price” – 650 million USD per block (each block is wide 100 sqm and has 40 sqm of residential land)

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Before many great pledges, claims of CEO Luu, hundreds of people in the area of Dak Lak Province believed to pay money, few were hundreds of USD, many were up to billions of USD to buy land.

However, after buying land of this company, the people just received a bill and a lending money contract. While they are waiting to receive the “Red” book as he claims, in the middle of July 2017, CEO Luu was disappeared.

Holding a form on his hand, Mr. Vu Anh Tuan (name of victim was changed) said that, in the beginning of June 2016, going through familiar people, he met Mrs. Luu and she agreed to sell an agriculture land for him with an area of 150 sqm at Mduk village, Ea Tam ward with the selling price of 100 million USD.

According to the claims, Mr. Tuan had to pay 50% of the selling price for Mrs. Luu, the rest of the money was gradually paid in 2 years. After paying all the money, Mrs. Luu would give the “Red” book and claim to “help” Mr. Tuan to build houses on this land without being stopped by the local government.

According to the deal, on 30th June 2016, Mr. Tuan paid 50 million USD for Mrs. Luu. This giving and receiving were shown by a deposit contract of buying and selling land and a bill.

Until 1st July, Mrs. Luu continuously asked Mr. Tuan to sign a lending money contract with the total amount of money of 50 million USD. This lending money, Mr. Tuan had to pay for Mrs. Luu within 24 months with the interest of 7% per year.

“After paying 50 million USD, I paid more 20 million USD for Mrs. Luu according to the lending money contract. However, in the middle of July 2017, the headquarters of Ban Me Realty Asset Company was suddenly disappeared. The phone number of Mrs. Luu couldn’t be contacted since then. Because of the poor situation, I had to go there to buy land. I couldn’t imagine that I was poor, I had to face this situation, now the money was paid but the certification of land was still nothing, I didn’t know what to do”, Mr. Tuan sadly said.

As well as Mr. Tuan, Mrs. N.T.L (lives at Buon Ma Thuot City) just believed in many claims of Mrs. Luu, now she has had to go away from her city to find work and earn money.

Breaking apart because the director of real estate Ban Me

Hundreds of people bitter fruit when buying land of Ms. Luu

Mrs. L said that, because of poor situation, and having no land to live so in the beginning of 2016, when she was heard that Ban Me Realty Asset Company opened to sell “Pine Hills Project at Ea Tam ward” with cheap price so she borrowed the money of over 100 million USD to buy land.

“After paying the money of 100 million USD according to the claims for Mrs. Luu, my family owned 20 million USD of buying land. She claimed to give us the “Red” book when we paid the rest of money but now she disappeared, I didn’t know how to do”, Mrs. L said.

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 According to the people said, the situation of Mrs. L is very difficult. After borrowing money to buy land and just building a fourth level house, her husband passed away.

There is no way, she has to move to Ho Chi Minh City to earn money to pay debt and sent the money back to her home for daughter to take care of 2 little brothers who have a disease of Osteogenesis  Imperfecta – OI. “My family was poor, I was cheated like this”, Mrs. L sighted.

According to people said not only Mr. Tuan, Mrs. L but also most of the people who bought lands from Mrs. Luu were just received fake “Red” books.

After building houses, many people were asked to dismantle because they built houses on agriculture lands without permission. With the above trading, until now Mrs. Luu and her company has successfully traded with hundreds of people, received nearly 10 billion USD.

According to investing officer of Public Security in Buon Ma Thuot City, Mrs. Luu easily cheated people to buy land because she worked together with an object named Son (knowing nothing about his background) to make fake “Red” books.

“When dealing with people, Mrs. Luu used this fake “Red” book to make belief and then pushed people to pay money. When completing the deal, Mrs. Luu held the money and found a way to disappear”, this officer gave more information.

Contacting with the interviewer, Colonel Nguyen Trong Ha said that, now there are dozens of people going to Public Security office to prosecute the cheating behavior of Mrs. Luu.

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