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Benefits from the apartment in Charmington Iris

Charmington Iris Apartment is an apartment owned by Sabeco HP, located on the front of Ton That Thuyet Street, the center of District 4.

Not only owns the location is very beautiful feng shui but the apartment will bring a dream life for the people. The area of ​​greenery occupies nearly 70% of the area of ​​the apartment, along with a series of convenient services located in the apartment area provides a comfortable space, full facilities for residents. People living luxury apartments with European-style design will be the place to bring the highest satisfaction, do not make you regret anything when choosing an apartment here.

Charmington Iris apartment
Charmington Iris is a premier project located in District 4

The apartment is designed and built by the investor, reputable contractor to ensure the progress of the project.

Charmington Iris is a luxury condominium complex with full facilities both inside and outside the apartment. This is the project by Sabeco HP Co., Ltd. is the investor design and construction from the first brick. Not only that, besides the big investment of Sabeco HP, the project also includes HoaBinhcorp contractor – a very prestigious contractor with a solid brand name in the real estate market, Goods on the progress and quality that the works will bring. With the investment of two large corporations, it can be assured that the Charmington Iris will become one of the city’s most residential communities in the near future.

Charmington Iris gives customers the impression at first sight

The location can not be more beautiful with views overlooking the Saigon River, located right in the administrative center of District 4.

District 4 is gradually becoming a market attracting many large investors in our country. In the past two years, a series of new apartment projects have sprung up all over District 4, completely changing the original appearance of district 4. Not only that, around the area District 4 apartment projects as well as infrastructure systems are being gradually improved in neighboring districts in the city. It can show the potential for economic development for the people here is very large. With many apartment buildings gradually being built, District 4 is being promoted by the city government.

When choosing an apartment in Charmington Iris, customers will not have to worry about moving on routes from the apartment to the neighborhood. With its relatively large economic development role in the metropolitan area, District 4 is growing and being given special attention by the city government. More and more infrastructure is underway, bringing great benefits to businesses wishing to invest in the near future. Particularly, the issue of traffic in District 4 will improve and develop. The people here will not have to worry about moving on the roads, fear of traffic jams still occur in our country today. Because, District 4 is now expanding the Kenh Te route to the neighboring areas, people will be more accessible to minimize traffic congestion in the near future. It provides many benefits for Charmington Iris residents in terms of time, space, and safety on the road.

Location of Charmington Iris
Charmington Iris owns a prime location that offers many benefits to its residents

The point that attracted the attention of customers about Charmington Iris is that the apartment is located in front of Ton That Thuyet a route linking with many key roads of Saigon. Not only that, the apartment also located next to the Saigon River which brings many economic benefits. Residents can see the full romantic scene of the Saigon River, enjoy a spacious space, comfortable here.

Benefit from both inside and outside the Charmington Iris apartments that residents will inherit.

As soon as you are standing in front of Charmington Iris District 4, you will be amazed by the high-end design, as well as the scenery just outside the apartment. Here, people will live in a clean environment, comfortable little smoke. With a large campus with lots of trees planted around the apartment, there is a children’s play area with lots of useful games suitable for children in the park. In particular, the urban area is located right next to the Saigon River, along with a number of surrounding green parks that give people a living environment that many people are looking for, a clean environment.

Charmington Iris will be the place to bring the most modern utilities, perfect for the people living here. The commercial center is located around the apartment as well as right inside the apartment building, the educational system with good cultural environment for the children of the people, hospitals, offices, … are available in the apartment or close to the Charmington Iris.

Charmington Iris project
Charmington Iris owns unique, distinctive internal amenities

It can be said that this place will give the people the best benefits, the perfect benefits from the location of Charmington Iris district 4. This will be an apartment that provides a living environment that you and your family.

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