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Benefits from the Little Village compound

Little Village compound

The practical benefits from the Little Village project not only ensure the life of the residents here, but also affirms the high level of value that the project projects.

Customers can see the practical benefits of the Little Village project, including:


Possessing a golden land position of East Saigon, LITTLE VILLAGE is an adjacent villa with an exquisite / contemporary architectural style and quiet space set up to create a comfortable standard. LITTLE VILLAGE will satisfy the needs of you and your family for an ideal place, a perfect home.


With its robust infrastructure, East Saigon asserted its strategic position in the development of urban areas and will become a center of knowledge and high technology in the future.

The location of Little Village project
Little Village is located in the heart of Pham Van Dong Boulevard

LITTLE VILLAGE is located in East Saigon, right on Pham Van Dong Boulevard – the most beautiful inner city of Saigon, providing a living environment where modern urban architecture harmonizes with peaceful space between the heart of the city ​​.


LITTLE VILLAGE is located right in the center of Pham Van Dong Boulevard, enjoying an extensive transportation infrastructure, which easily connects the land road to everywhere.

Convenient connections in the city:

  • 3 minutes to Eastern bus station
  • 5 minutes to Thanh Da Peninsula, Central District 2
  • 10 minutes to Tan Son Nhat Airport, District 1 center

Easy access to neighboring provinces

  • 20 minutes to Bien Hoa, Dong Nai
  • 30 minutes to Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Connected transport infrastructure development:

  • Metro Metro 3B (the sixth republic – Hiep Binh Phuoc)
  • Binh Quoi 2 Bridge (connecting D23 road through Binh Quoi area of ​​Thanh Da island)


At LITTLE VILLAGE, you and your family get access to all amenities in just 10 minutes

Little Village is like a golden point connected because of the ability to move, connect conveniently
Little Village is like a golden point connected because of the ability to move, connect conveniently
  • 3 minutes to market, school system or bus station (Cho Hiep Binh Chanh, Kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools)
  • 5 minutes to supermarket, entertainment area (Lotte Mart, Emart, Vincom Plaza, CGV Cinema, Binh Quoi Resort)
  • 10 minutes to work, airport, hospital (District 1 Center, District 9 High Tech Park, National University, Tan Son Nhat Airport, Thu Duc General Hospital, Happy Hospital.


LITTLE VILLAGE consists of 41 adjoining villas built separately, closed, providing private living space and absolute safety.

Little Village project
Little Village owns a convenient, safe and luxurious internal road system

The convenient and safe road system with lush landscape, green park next to the canal, LITTLE VILLAGE brings the experience of living green and peaceful but comfortable and modern in the heart of the city. , to help you get the relaxation, maximum relaxation when returning home.


Each villa is designed exquisitely to honor the class of homeowners. Harmony in the layout of the private space of each villa creates the feeling of superior comfort, comfortable enjoyment but still ensure the privacy for each family.


Enjoying the perfect infrastructure of the area and living space peaceful, comfortable, LITTLE VILLAGE also creates a civilized community, where each family will have the connection, sharing. All provide a living environment of material level, full of spirit.

Peaceful, comfortable and perfect living space of the area
Peaceful, comfortable and perfect living space of the area


  • Enntrance gate
  • Outdoor sports board
  • Paradise road
  • Landscapes
  • Memorandum / garden four seasons
  • Child / children’s family for elderly


  • Prestigious project developer – PVINvest- PVInvest has successfully signed the project The Pegasuite – roof topping on May 31, 2018 – World Real Estate Company is the investor
  • Legal transparency
  • Position ahead of the future
  • Neoclassical design: based on Louis Vuitton floral patterns
  • Superior security services: security, camera
  • High liquidity
  • High-end smart home smart home
  • The house has been established, you can go right.

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