Binh Duong real estate and new development opportunities

Real estate in Binh Duong has been gradually warming up and running with many other cities.

That is because Binh Duong has new development opportunities quite favorable. Thu Dau Mot, for example, has been recognized as a first class city and another series of “shots”. All of them have created favorable conditions for Binh Duong to become more active in the real estate market.

Binh Duong has a new development momentum

In 2018, real estate in Binh Duong will have new developments. According to many forecast experts, the real estate market in Binh Duong will have a great leap forward. Can even compete with other cities. As Binh Duong has more incentive to develop real estate.

Thu Dau Mot becomes a first class city

Recently, Thu Dau Mot has been recognized as a first class city. This is the first “push” to promote the real estate situation in Binh Duong so prominently. Thu Dau Mot has become the focal point for the next series of favorable conditions.


Thu Dau Mot was recognized as a grade 1 city that helped promote Binh Duong’s real estate development

Thu Dau Mot is hot for Binh Duong Real Estate Market

According to experts, the Thu Dau Mot is recognized as a type 1 city has added heat to the real estate market in Binh Duong. There will be a wide range of traffic works, public services, utility systems are invested. This will help push real estate prices up to new levels

Thu Dau Mot city is also identified as the motive city of northern Ho Chi Minh City. This will be one of the key in the growth triangle of Ho Chi Minh City – Thu Dau Mot – Vung Tau.

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Many people have flocked to Binh Duong to learn about real estate projects here

The real estate market is heating up day by day

The fact that since the city of Thu Dau Mot is recognized as a grade 1 city, real estate in Binh Duong has become quite vibrant. Many surveys have shown that many areas have been rushed to customers to buy real estate such as real estate My Phuoc, Ben Cat town, Lai Thieu …

Many people flocked to learn real estate Binh Duong

According to Deputy Director of Communications Ton That Khiem (Kim Oanh Real Estate Company), hundreds of clients have come to learn about real estate projects in Binh Duong. Including customers from Dong Nai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City …

Binh Duong real estate and new development opportunities-1

This is a good time to invest in Binh Duong real estate

Binh Duong’s real estate situation is warming up every day thanks to the Thu Dau Mot effect recognized urban type 1. According to many people said, real estate prices in Binh Duong will certainly increase and have a face by new price. So many people also advised to invest at this time to avoid the price will be pushed higher later. It is because of that that Binh Duong real estate has warmed up thanks to the evaluation of many people who intend to invest.

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