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Binh Tan District Is Invested In Infrastructure

Binh Tan is self-confident in maintaining, dredging canals and investing in flood prevention projects in the district.

On October 18, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has asked Binh Tan District continue to propose solutions to promote the development of trade services, creating favorable conditions for businesses to develop. Particularly encouraging the conversion of individual business households into enterprises.

***See more information about the real estate law here: Vietnam real estate law

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee also asked Binh Tan to adjust the planning to suit the reality, not to hang planning affect the interests of the people. To manage the order of construction, urban order and environmental protection.

Avoiding illegal construction, encroachment on canals and canals.

Completely disposing garbage into canals to obstruct flow, drainage system …

Binh Tan District is invested in infrastructure
Binh Tan is becoming a hot spot for real estate in the western area of Ho Chi Minh City but the infrastructure is not perfect

HCM City Transport Department has been proposed to solve the traffic jams in An Duong Vuong – Phan Anh – Binh Long – Highway 3, Tan Ky Tan Quy street, Nguyen Thi Tu street, extended Le Van Quoi.

Investment in an intersection of four communes. Expand the bridge across Luong Beo canal connecting from the 40 roads through Tran Van Giau from 8 to 16 m and pedestrian crossing Tran Van Giau. Invest in flood prevention projects such as upgrading Ho Hoc Lam road, installing inter-commune canal sluice gates, rehabilitating Mr.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee also approved the decentralization policy for Binh Tan to carry out the maintenance, dredging and cleaning of landslides, disposing of litter, processing hyacinth and clearing the flow of canals and canals in the area. Expand Binh Tan District Hospital and invest in building and upgrading schools in the district.

After the boulevard of Vo Van Kiet was put into use, Binh Tan became a hot spot for real estate in the western area of Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, dozens of projects with affordable housing are under construction.

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