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Binh Thanh District: Supply Of Apartment For Renting Is Shortage

Binh Thanh apartment for rent

Apartment for rent has been and is the real estate items are the most popular in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thanh in particular today.

With the special attraction advantage from location, price to the demand of tenants makes the apartment market in Binh Thanh always in the state of fire, thirsty. Recognizing the lack of supply from the middle of Q3 / 2017, a series of rental apartments have been started here promising to solve the tensions in the market supply.

The story of the supply of apartments for rent in Binh Thanh now

Binh Thanh is a district “sell” downtown. A district is said to be “sold” center because it is adjacent to District 1, District 2, District 3, Go Vap District … with only about 5 minutes ride but a much lower standard of living… The low average living standard plus the advantage of location, traffic makes the real estate items in Binh Thanh always have the favor of investors including the apartment rental.

Accordingly, if the rental price of the 30-50m2 apartment in District 1 ranged from around $ 1,000 (about 25 million dongs) per month; In the area of District 3, Phu Nhuan about 10-15 million / month, the price for rent Binh Thanh apartment area is about 5-7 million per month.

Binh Thanh apartment for rent
Cheap apartment for rent in Binh Thanh

Although rents are about 1/3 cheaper than District 1 and 1/2 than other districts, the quality of apartments for rent in Binh Thanh is not so bad. The apartments are designed to build quality, furniture, utilities. Not to mention the infrastructure and transport system in Binh Thanh is very modern and synchronous with many commercial centers, schools, hospitals, quality assurance.

In addition, Binh Thanh apartment for rent has a strong appeal to foreigners. According to a survey of some foreigners renting houses in Binh Thanh said they still prefer the atmosphere and lifestyle in Binh Thanh than the Central District because it is bustling enough and there are still green spaces to enjoy. life.

These “bright” attractions that make a market apartment for rent Binh Thanh hotter than ever. According to the statistics of real estate companies in Ho Chi Minh City, the number of visitors and transactions of apartments here always reach the highest threshold in the city. The shortage of supply of apartments for rent in Binh Thanh District is also a problem that real estate companies are particularly concerned and anxious because their customers always want to rent housing in this area.

Binh Thanh apartment rental market flourishes at the end of the year

Facing the severe shortage of supply of apartments for rent in Binh Thanh, authorities and investors are pouring capital to build new apartment projects here. With these nuclear projects believed to partly solve the demand of scarcity of market on the other push the market real estate Binh Thanh apartment for rent development and bring more profit.

Binh Thanh Apartment for rent
Project Vinhome Central Park

Vinhome Central Park Binh Thanh is one of the chains of apartments in Vingroup in Ho Chi Minh City. With a total investment capital of more than 30 trillion dongs, it has a beautiful location on the bank of the Saigon River, with an extremely modern and synchronous transportation and infrastructure system. With a view of the river and Nguyen Huu Canh church, the project promises to be the “key” of the Binh Thanh apartment rental market.
Luxurious, modern design of the apartment for rent Vinhome Central Park
With an area of nearly 190 hectares, it is expected to build over 80 floors and hundreds of villas around promising to be a plentiful supply of apartments for the apartment market of Binh Thanh is hungry…

Vinhome Central Park, as well as other projects of Vingroup, always ensure the optical fiber and the “internal” by the cool air space is filled with the ideal design with modern convenience for the user…

Greenfield Apartments

Located at 686 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh – is a rare special location of Binh Thanh District. With a total area of over 3000m2, is expected to build with 24 floors and 322 apartments – Greenfield project though relatively small but also a source of attractive new apartments for rent in the area.

With modern design, trendy Singapore Greenfield promises to bring the apartment tenants experience life and great convenience.

Binh Thanh apartment for rent
Overview of Greenfield project Binh Thanh

It can be said that the market for rent Binh Thanh apartment is attractive real estate market and attracts visitors. Along with the contribution of the new apartment projects that will partly solve the needs of customers renting, helping customers have a stable life and settle.

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