Block River View D1 Mension Of Officially Launched For Sale

D1 Mension Apartments District 1 of Capitaland owner has official launched Block River View.Capitaland investor (Singapore) has officially opened 102 flats in Block River View D1 Mension in December 2016.

Although just launched to the market, the project has been booked and registered by many people. In the future, perhaps the name D1 Mension will become famous in the real estate market and customers in demand for home.

Block River View D1 Mension has opened for sale. Besides, you also pay much attention to the Singapore 6-star luxury apartment project. The following information will be essential to you, as it will give you some insight into the project, as well as sensitive vision of the Times in order to have suitable investment and purchase plan.

Let find out what outstanding advantages Block View D1 Mension possesses?

  1. Block River View D1 Mension is located on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard District 1:

  2. D1Mension project

    D1 Mension project owns a prime location in the heart of District 1

In the center of the city, right in District 1, Block River View D1 Mension is “capturing” a golden land with romantic river view and beautiful city panorama. Although in the heart of the metropolis, the D1 Mension is completely separated to the crowd. Besides, it still remains a 6-star level, a fresh, green space.

In the center of the environment, like the suburbs, indeed the Block River View D1 Mension has an unparalleled location, under the hands of talented partners and prime location. When living in the D1 Mension, if you go to work or play anywhere in the neighboring district, the road is very convenient. You can go through District 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 … as easy and fast as your hands. You can also travel to other districts around Saigon just because D1 Mension is located on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard (East-West Highway). This is the big boulevard of the city, adjacent to Trung Luong expressway and Long Thanh Dau Giay expressway, so you can move everywhere without any obstacle.

District 1 apartments in general and D1 Mension in particular, in terms of terrain, Block River View D1 Mension is considered comprehensive, perfect and “unique”, because at this moment, you can not find any property work having equivalent size to D1 Mension in District 1.

  1. Block River View D1 Mension is clearly and scientifically planned:

Under planning from Capitaland and its partners, Block River View D1 Mension comprises 17 storeys and 3 basement parking spaces. The 17 floors are divided into the following uses:

– The community area and the lobby are the ground floor, where residents will experience attractive utility services.

– High-grade serviced apartments from the 2nd to the 4th floor, where the business is rented to the office or for out-of-town tenants while in the city.

D1Mension project

A superior utility complex at D1 Mension District 1

– 6-star luxury commercial building will be located from the 5th floor onwards, until the 16th floor.

– The top floor (17th floor of Block River View D1 Mension) will be a garden courtyard with cafes, modern restaurants, luxury. From here, you can admire the vibrant city of Saigon and the immense green river.

With the design of clear and science planning as above analysis, you must have a more basic view of the project. Depending on the purpose of use, financial conditions and other related factors, you can choose apartments area from 49 sqm to 110 sqm to live and invest.

Single or young couples can choose a one-bedroom apartment, with more than 2-3 generous families should choose from 2-3 comfortable and private bedrooms. You can rest assured that whether the apartment is big or small, they have beautiful views and fresh air.

Expected sales price will fall to the range of 2904,29 USD per square meter, including VAT (value added tax). Based on the price of 3000 USD / sqm like this, you choose how much space apartment can self multiply and guess the price.

Block River View D1 Mension completed in December 2016, but the handover will be in the second quarter of next year (2017), so now you can contact us directly to order home. If you are still hesitant between making a lot of investment choices or settling in, let’s spend more time updating the project information and giving a talk with us for more specific advice. .

Like Serenity Sky Villas District 3, D1 Mension project is a high-rise project in the center of Saigon, the owner of the apartment in the project is the dream of everyone. If you are not quick, you may lose chance.

See more information available at: Vietnam Real Estate

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