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BOT Monitoring: “Report states very well but responsibility is too little”

BOT Monitoring: "Report states very well but responsibility is too little"

Why the part of responsibilities of collective and individual in the monitoring report only cover in 5 lines and a half?

The above question was raised by Deputy Chairman of National Assembly Tong Thi Phong about the monitor of the implementation of policies and legislation on investment and exploitation of traffic works in the form of BOT contract (Building – operating – transferring) executed by Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the meeting held on the morning of August 15.

As reported previously by Realestatevietnam, the monitoring result report includes 36 pages, with around 24 thousand words, pointing out many limitations, inadequacies and violations. However, the content about responsibilities of the collective and individual is very brief.

The five and a half lines of the above content is: “According to the Ministry of Transport, competent authorities (ministries, sectors and localities) have issued documents to direct relevant agencies and organizations to remedy the shortcomings mentioned in the conclusions of the inspection and auditing agencies and all the deductions have been already recognized and deducted by the concerned agencies in the settlement dossiers. The handling of responsibilities of ministries, sectors, localities and investors on the shortcomings and mistakes has been stated in the conclusions of inspection agencies.”

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Commenting that the report is very good but the responsibility is so little, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong said that these five and a half lines above has not expressed the responsibility of collective and individual in charge of supervising. “Whether has something still lies behind or not” the Deputy Chairman questioned.

“This is the report of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee, so it’s requested that   it should state clearly about the responsibilities, and this content should be supplemented and evaluated more carefully,” she said.

The Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly added that it was essential to clarify the role of auditors in charge of supervising, as this is a double monitoring to assess whether the competent authority has done rightly or not.

Agree with this viewpoint, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh said that  she has not agreed with the recommendations on strengthening the inspection and supervision of people, professional social organizations … because this field is very complex, needs to have high profession, so we should strengthen specialized inspection.

Emphasizing that inspection and audit is a very important tool Chairman of Justice Committee Le Thi Nga said that the specialized monitoring tool is the functional authority.

She also agreed with the comment of Deputy Chairman Tong Thi Phong that the part stating responsibility in the monitoring report is very limited, only less than 6 lines.

“In addition providing macro value, monitoring result should be combined compliment and criticism, must point out the responsibility of those work ineffective,” Mrs. Nga said.

There has a lot of attention to the complaints of the people is brought to discussion at the session.

“Why constructing roads for people hasn’t been accepted, has not sympathy?”, asked Nguyen Duc Hai,  Chairman of Finance Committee – Budget.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Hai indirectly gave the answer to a part of this question. It was because behind the projects are banks, and capital mainly from banks led to pressure on interest rates leading to high fees causing reaction from many people.

“The way we manage is problematic, the people complain a lot about toll booth. Those issues need to be analyzed carefully, must ensure interests of both the State, investors and the people” spoken Tong Thi Phong, Deputy Chairman of National Assembly.

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Also mentioned management reason,   Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Nguyen Van Giau said that the bank loan interest of more than 10% but collecting fee for up to 20 years, the price increases is normal.

Mr. Giau took an example with a BOT street of 30 km long, but added asphalt

 instead of expanded it.

“There are many complaints about BOT fee, but we still do not listen to people’s opinions who use the street most often so that there is no consensus,” commented Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, National Assembly Chairman.

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