Boutique Shophouse – The Trend Of Real Estate Is Causing Fever In Ha Long

The trend of investment and business in commercial villas have ruled the roost in developed markets such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. The appearance of Boutique Shophouse commercial villas under the first project of Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay in the North immediately created a hot wave of investment in the late months of 2017.

3-in-1 Commercial Villa – Maximize benefits

The commercial villa model is not strange to the real estate and tourism markets in the world. But when it first appeared in the North and located in the five-star resort community of Premier Village Ha Long Bay of Sun Group, Boutique Shophouse is a new “phenomenon” in the high-class real estate segment in Ha Long.

Centrally located in Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay next to the Ha Long road axis – the life-line route of the heritage city, Boutique Shophouse perfectly integrates housing and commercial purposes into a line of product to improve profitability and the liquidity of real estate, which is many times more than traditional products.

Boutique Shophouse in Ha Long

The commercial villa is no stranger to the real estate and tourism markets in the world.

Possessed the spacious facade and the panoramic view of Halong Bay, adjacent to the world-class entertainment Sun World Halong Complex and Bai Chay Bridge, the ground floor of the Boutique Shophouse will be the ideal choice to trade in shop and office. Meanwhile, the upper floors with the height of 3.5-5 floors per unit, a total construction area of 632-920sqm with smart design and flexible space, a landscaped lake of up to 10 hectares, green island, and unique floating road, Boutique Shophouse is really outstanding potential that cannot be ignored.

The Boutique Shophouse has 7 different types of villas including 78 unit of outstanding standard with synchronous infrastructure, providing excellent opportunities for the mini hotel business. Owners are granted long-term ownership certificates, so that “landlords” completely feel secure to use, invest or lease in the most favorable conditions. This really is a golden opportunity for investors because the mini hotel is the segment that occupies the top position in the hotel business. Due to the small scale, the high flexibility and the emphasis on quality service to bring a memorable experience for customers, the mini hotel has proved its effectiveness compared to other large hotels.

The mini-hotel investment in the Boutique Shophouse – clement weather, favorable terrain, and concord among the people

The Boutique Shophouse unexpectedly creates the heat for Ha Long real estate market not only because of the trend of this type but the integration of “top” factors to ensure the success and future of an investment business transaction.

Boutique Shophouse in Ha Long

The ground floor of the Boutique Shophouse is the ideal choice for business or office

Boutique Shophouse is a product of Sun Group Group – the leading investor in Vietnam in the field of real estate, tourism, and resort. The echoes of the Sun Group branded products such as the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (The resort for 3 consecutive years was honored “The world’s most luxurious resort”), Vietnam’s leading resort Sun World Ba Na Hills… and the world-class entertainment Sun World Halong Complex in Ha Long is sure to convince the product quality as well as the million-dollar future of Boutique shophouse villas. Once in operation, the Sun Premier Village Resort in Ha Long Bay will become the most prestigious resort complex in the North, which attracts a large number of high-end customers throughout the year and generates significant momentum and potential for the businesses in mini hotel segment as well as the shophouse owner.

Besides, the strong investment in infrastructure in Quang Ninh, such as Van Don International Airport, Highway 18 Ha Long – Van Don, high-speed Ha Long – Hai Phong, and world-class entertainment areas combined with the stretched coastline and the natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, has created a cyclone attracting tourists and investors.

Mr.Vu Hong Son – vice chairman of Ha Long People’s Committee, said in a recent seminar, “In 2017, there are 24,000 visitors to Ha Long Bay on some days, earning nearly $300 thousand only from fee for visiting bay.”

By 2016, Quang Ninh province has 37 hotels with more than 4,800 rooms. Meanwhile, Da Nang has 127 accommodation in the same segment with more than 13,200 rooms. Only a small comparison is enough to see that Quang Ninh will be inferior to Da Nang without increasing in the number of accommodation.

Boutique Shophouse in Ha Long

The growth of tourism will put pressure on the accommodation market, while the supply of 3-5 star hotels is still scarce in Ha Long.

Ms.Do Thu Hang, Deputy Director of Hanoi Savills Research Department, said that in Quang Ninh, three to five-star hotels have the average capacity of 70%. On the occasion of 2/9 holiday, the capacity of hotels in Ha Long is up to 100% and continuously out of the room. The reality is that the spare ground of three and five-star hotel in Ha Long is extremely large.

The growth of tourism will put pressure on the accommodation market, while the supply of 3-5 star hotels is still scarce in Ha Long. Worth mentioning is that the hotel is located in the resort complex with international standard facilities such as Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay has never appeared in this city.

The problem of investment in Boutique Shophouse deserves the “golden egg” for the owner. With the investment of $1.3 million, customers can complete a mini hotel Boutique Shophouse with 21 rooms. With the rise of hotel room rates from 5-7% at the diamond position in tourism in Ha Long as today, only after 10 years, investors will earn an average profit of up to 11% per year.

With more convenience and profitability than traditional models, the investment in Boutique Shophouse is a shortcut at the golden moment for sustainable profit in the future. The hotness and the limitation of the product line are the elements that investors should consider if they do not want to lose this rare opportunity.

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