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To buy condotel at the Virgo hotel & apartment from 360 million

To buy condotel at the virgo hotel & apartment from 360 million

By choosing condotel at Virgo Hotel & Apartment, customers will be secured in many aspects on quality, free utilities as well as committed annual profits.

When Virgo Nha Trang owner launched a new sale policy for condotel buyers, it created a poke in the real estate market attracting the attention of both investors and customers taking care of potential condotel sector.

Specifically, the investor commits to profit from the rental for the first eight years of 11% of the apartment value per year (excluding value added tax, maintenance fee and discount if available).

Thus, from 1.2 billion per unit, in 8 years, customers will receive the total profit equivalent to more than 1 billion.

However, when buying the condotel of the Virgo Nha Trang project, it is not necessary for the customers to prepare the entire amount of 1.2 billion dong for the initial investment. Condotel of Virgo Hotel & Apartment project has the advantage of reasonable area and reasonable price and preferential policies, so customers do not have to suffer the financial pressure when buying apartments.

With supporting loan up to 70% of the apartment value from the partner bank of the project, the customers only invest from 360 million to own Condotel apartment and put into operation after 2 years.

In particular, the investor also applies the interest rate of 0% from the time of signing sale contract till the handover of apartments in 2019 for customers paid 30% of the contract value.

By the time of handover, the customer will be able to receive about 11% profit per year. In particular, the buyer will receive a bank guarantee letter for the rental program.

Moreover, customers also receive 15 free nights per year at the Virgo Hotel & Apartment hotel. If there is no need to use it, customers can also fully convert it into cash.

In addition to maximum financial support, Virgo Hotel & Apartment investor also has a policy of committing to buy the apartment at a price higher by 8% of the apartment value after the owner signed the handover minutes.

This preference applies only to customers who have paid 95% value of the contract when buying Condotel.

Virgo Hotel & Apartment is a condotel complex, condominium and hotel room with 5 star-standard which provide the most comfortable living space as well as the most comfortable residence for hostels and tourists.

The project offers 200 condotel condos, 144 apartments and 235 5-star hotel rooms, meeting the needs of many types of customers to live or rest in the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Virgo Hotel & Apartment owns 5 star-facilities including 4 season swimming pool, luxurious restaurant, modern pool bar, gym, spa and commercial center…

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To buy condotel at the Virgo hotel & apartment from 360 million

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