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Buying A House In Hanoi: Select A Villa On The Edge Or Urban Apartment?

At the same selling price, coastal villas and inner-city apartments become the big question of people buying houses in Hanoi.

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To buy a house in Hanoi, we have to spend a great amount of money because the land is a little gold, gold. For people with real needs, that is not to buy for resale or speculative hoarding, the choice between condominiums in the inner city and the villas in the vicinity do not off their head. So where to choose, and how to make sure you do not choose the wrong?

Both segments are growing strongly in terms of supply

In 2017, we can see the explosive growth of the apartment housing system, especially the mid-range apartment segment in Thanh Xuan district and a number of high-end condominium projects. the area around My Dinh bus station. Abundant supply provides more choices for those who want to buy a house, and it is also a matter of careful consideration before deciding to sign a contract.

Select villa in the city or urban apartment in Hanoi
The capital of Hanoi with thousands of apartments rise

Meanwhile, the segment of villas in Hanoi coastal areas and villas adjacent to the urban development is equally powerful. If the villa adjacent to the urban area is too expensive, the villa in the coastal area is softer, making it a formidable opponent of the inner city to win the sympathy of Hanoi home buyers…

Trends to buy a home on the fringe

Around the period 2012 – 2013, villas in the vicinity have fallen into a rather pathetic situation when the price drops to 25% but there are no customers. By 2014, although the situation is not hot, the market liquidity has improved, and it will continue to develop positively until 2017.

Select villa in the city or urban apartment in Hanoi
Coastal villas become the new target of investors

In the battle with inner-city apartments, it seems that recently, homebuyers have begun to give priority to Hanoi villas in the suburbs. To explain this, we can derive from a variety of reasons.

The price of two types of houses do not differ much

Depending on the location and the time when the price of the Hanoi house will be different, but if you compare a coastal villa with a mid-range apartment in the inner city, it can be said that the selling price is not different. too much. With the same amount of money, to choose which type of housing should be based on utility.

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Psychological not like in people’s apartment

Many people buy houses in Hanoi do not like in the apartment because of the crowded population, always feel like going to someone’s home rather than home. In addition, the condominium also has many other inadequacies such as poor quality of the works, the status of elevator ladder, parking space in the tunnel, high possibility of fire and explosion due to the frequency of electricity and cooking, general hygiene in the building … This situation is mainly encountered in low-cost apartment and mid-range, high-end apartment segment also but less.

Select villa in the city or urban apartment in Hanoi
Coastal villas have more prominent features than condominiums

Impact on the quality of the habitat

Recently, the land fund of the inner city has become increasingly limited, causing the area of human life is no longer guaranteed. While the vacant land of the perimeter is large, with the same amount of money as buying an apartment, you can own an underground house with airy spaces without having to live. In the same building with another family, they do not to accept the inadequacies as living in the apartment.

Recent real estate is a hot spot attracting many investors, if not quick, the price of this segment can increase only after a very short time.

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